Volunteer & Fundraising

The Band Parents Association exists to support the directors, students and band program. Any parent who has a student in the band is a voting member of the Association. The ‘support’ for the program is offered in a variety of ways. You might volunteer to be a bus sponsor, chair a fundraising event or even become an Officer. Additionally, the Association offers fundraising opportunities to help defray the cost of band trips. In the past, some families have been able to raise most of the funds needed for trips through the fundraising activities but it is important to do this throughout the years and not wait to start fundraising (or saving) until a trip year. Trips are usually organized every couple of years and provide both music enrichment experiences and sightseeing fun, too. A portion of some fundraising activities, are used to help support the operational expenses of the Association.

Volunteer or fundraising opportunities are posted on the website and families are asked to indicate (‘Email Signup’) which activities they are interested in. Anyone not using an e-mail address is asked to use the paper sign-up form and either mail it or bring it to a meeting so contact can be made by phone.

Fund Raising Opportunities (These are just a few that we have.)

  • Cruise Nite Concessions
  • UNK Football Concessions
  • Cat Cards
  • KHS Stadium Cleanup
  • KHS Basketball Concessions

Typically, the band takes a major trip every two years. Cost of these trips will vary with destination and other activities associated with them. KHS Band Parents provides fundraising opportunities for students to help defray the cost of these trips as well as to provide necessary operating funds for the Association.

Depending upon needs for band trips and additional equipment, band members will be given the opportunity to participate in fundraisers throughout the year. A large portion of the money each student raises (depending upon the activity) will go into his/her band account to go toward future trips. The Band Parents Association retains a small portion of most fundraising profits for necessary operating funds.

Parent volunteers are needed to chair the fundraisers. All fundraiser chairs must give all monies raised to the Band Parents’ treasurer for deposit. Likewise, all bills for any expenses incurred by the fundraiser must be presented to the treasurer for payment. The chairmen should also provide all records and number of hours worked by individuals to the treasurer.

Participation in fundraisers and band trips (other than Nebraska-based competitions requiring no overnight stays) is voluntary.

A list of our regular fundraisers from past years is show below. Other past fundraisers have included sale of pizza, frozen foods, and etc. car washes. New ideas are always welcome. The best place to learn about and share ideas for fundraising is at the Band Parents meetings. Please check the Quarter Notes newsletter for more information throughout the year.

Fall Fundraising:

Selling Cat Cards – cards offering discounts at local businesses. Cost of each card is $5.00 with $5.00 per card going into a band member’s account. The directors distribute cards and collect money for this fundraiser.

Stadium Clean Up – parents clean the UNK Stadium after football games. UNK pays the Band Parents Association for the clean up. The amount paid by UNK is divided equally between the student accounts for those parents who help.

Winter Fundraising:

Basketball Concessions – Two adults and two students are needed per game. Responsibilities include serving refreshments and cleaning up afterwards. Net profits, less the portion retained by the Band Parents Association, are divided by the total number of hours worked and this money is put into student accounts.

Summer Fundraising:

Cruise Nite – Third Saturday in July, 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and beverages stand. Net profits, less the portion retained by the Band Parents Association, divided among those people working and credited to students’ accounts.

If a fundraiser involves selling food products (such as Deli International or pizza fund raiser), two parents will be needed to count money, double check order forms and assist with product delivery.

Cruise Nite requires a chair person(s) to make necessary arrangements for equipment, food, and supplies and to obtain any donations from Kearney businesses. The chairperson needs to organize workers since this is held during the summer.

It is important when you or your student signs up to assist with a fund raising activity that you come at your scheduled time. You must find a substitute if you find that you cannot participate at your scheduled time.

Volunteer & Fundraising Opportunities

This assistance consists of both parent volunteer time and financial support. These funds are earned from various fundraisers held throughout the year. Tax-deductible donations are appreciated too!

Many (not all) of the opportunities are listed below. The opportunities listed with an asterisk (*) require a chairperson. In order to spread the volunteerism between student grade levels, a suggested class may be listed next to the activity. See the KHS Band Parent Handbook at www.kearneybands.org for more details.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES ($$-indicates student account fundraiser)

o * Cruise Nite $$
o Band Camp snack servers or uniform checkout
o *Band Parent Shirts (Jul-Sept)
o * ”Spirit Parents” – Senior Flags (Seniors-fall)
o Band Exhibition – serves drinks (Freshman)
o *Pride Buttons (need access to Photoshop-fall)
o *Window Decals/Yard Signs (fall)
o Instrument fundraising
o Bearcat Marching Festival
o Grant Research Team – search for funds to support band expenses
o Newspaper/Publicity (assist the Secretary throughout year)
o *Water Coordinator (fall competitions)
o Pit Crew – (fall marching season for home football games and competitions)
o Hat plumes & bleachers-home football games @ UNK Foster Field (assist uniform chair)
o *Stadium Clean-up @ home football games $$

o Band Trip Bus Sponsors
o *UNK Concessions (fall/winter) $$
o *KHS basketball concessions (Nov-Feb home games) $$
o *Big Band Dance
o District Music Contest (April if held in Kearney)
o Band Banquet (Juniors-May)
o Band Parent Officers 2012-13 (Apr-May election)