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There are a smattering of announcements to get out to you. Please read thoroughly!

  • There will be a Circadian Rhythm practice this week on Thursday at 7:00 am for all percussion and Wind Ensemble. There will be another one for WE and percussion on Tuesday, April 18th at 7:00 am. Attendance is vital to our success.
  • Tuesday, April 25th there will be a Circadian Rhythm practice for all band members. We will be working on movement 1 and 5.
  • The second performance of Circadian Rhythm will take place on May 11th – at Musicalia. All musicians are expected to attend. On May 11th we will again be rehearsing with John. All Wind Ensemble members will need to at the high school to start at 7:00 am. All symphonic band and concert band musicians will report to the concert hall and theater for a rehearsal 2nd block and plan to stay through until C lunch. Everyone will take C lunch.
  • Many of you have been saying you can’t access my post I sent out via email. Just go to and click on announcements on the left side.
  • Seniors we will have a brief meeting Wednesday during C lunch in the band room.
  • Stay tuned for info regarding District Music Contest and the pre contest recital. That is all happening next week!
  • Greeley Jazz Fest money is due now. If you are going on this trip the money needs to be paid before we leave.

Thats all for now. The end is near!