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Football Game

We have our first football game on Friday at UNK! We meet at the UNK Fine Arts Building (you can find a UNK Map here). Students need to be ready to go at 6:00 pm. We warm up outside the UNK FAB, give instructions, and then we march over to the field. The game starts at 7pm and we stay to the end of the game. We are usually done around 10pm. Transportation is not provided for students.

We will be wearing our full uniform for this game so please make sure you student has all parts of the uniform (shoes and gloves have been handed out), including BLACK socks and form fitting undergarments (we all change in public so having some clothes other than underwear is a must).

Some different things this year because of COVID:

  • We are asking that students with cars change in the parking lot and keep their stuff in their cars. We can only have 85 people in the UNK Concert Hall and we would like to reserve that for students who don’t drive and won’t have a car.
  • MUST have a VOUCHER that was given to your student today (Wednesday) in class. The voucher is not good for admission but rather allows you to purchase a ticket. Each student is given 4 vouchers to be used for IMMEDIATE FAMILY members only (parents, step parents, siblings, grand parents only).
  • All students and fans will be required to wear a mask the whole time at the game (the exception will be when playing/performing).
  • KHS Issued Bell covers will need to be worn at all times.
  • The band will be spreading out in the stands to keep more socially distant.
  • No third quarter break but a plain, dry (not sticky in any way!) granola bar will be allowed for a snack.
  • Students will need to bring a water bottle

Senior Night

September 4th has been designated as Senior/Parents night. We are looking for a volunteer that would be willing to help organize this. It would involve getting flowers for the parents, organizing the list of names, and helping order everyone on the field before the football game. If you would like to help, please let Mr. LeFeber know asap!

Marching Contests for this fall

With a strong desire to help give these kids a safe yet meaningful marching experience we are planning to attend the following events this fall. While we want everyone there every time, we understand this year is not normal. If, for whatever reason, your student will NOT be able to attend please fill out this form.

  • September 26th – Columbus Marching Contest – time TBD
  • October 3rd – Aurora Band Invitational – time TBD
  • October 24th – End of season event at Kearney High School – details TBD

Some of the protocols that we will have in place for travel 

  • 50% capacity on the buses with masks mandatory
  • No food stops, everyone must bring a sack lunch
  • No mixing with other bands or spectators, we will try to stay as our group only in order to minimize contact
  • The following is what to expect from the contest hosts
    • Rather than the usual 15 minute time intervals we will use 20 minute time intervals.
    • No on field judging and local judges only.
      • The number of judges will be cut from 8 to 4 or 5. 
      • Judges will be spread out in the press box and stands and record comments for the bands.
      • No out of state judges will be hired this year.
    • Protocols related to spectators will also be followed.  Specifically social distancing and capacity requirements.
    • Participant capacity will be 10 bands or less.
      • This allows for more spacing within the parking lots for busses and band assembly.
    • Bands will be required to sit together if they wish to enter the stadium to watch other bands.
    • No parades

Finally, an essential piece to this puzzle is transportation. With only 50% capacity on the busses we are going to have to rely on parents to drive their student(s) to the event. It must be a parent driving and there is no carpooling allowed. For the sake of this season we are asking as many folks as possible to drive their child to the two out of town events. If you would be willing to help out in this way please fill out the required form.


Anytime we travel there will be an itinerary posted to help folks know what is going on.  

This is all dependent on positive news on the COVID front and plans can change at any time. Please check your email often. Thanks so much for all you do. Looking forward to a great year!