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Hello band parents and supporters! 

Are you getting excited to watch our fantastic band perform the next two weekends? Volunteer for NSBA on Saturday, October 23rd as the band closes out the season! 

We have a some spots in the afternoon, but our greatest need is in the EVENING. 

Top priorities are:

  • Band escorts
    • 12:30-5pm – Need 1
    • 4pm-8:30pm – NEED 4
  • Door security
    • 1:00pm-4:30pm – Need 1
    • 4:15pm-8:15pm – Need 3
  • Judges Helper: 4:45-9:15 – Need 2, we have ZERO sign-ups right now
  • Ticket Sales: 4:15pm-8:15pm – Need 4
  • Concessions: 4:45pm-9:30pm – Need 5
  • Photographer helper
  • Videographer to record the bands (equipment provided)
  • Clean-up Crew: 9:20-10:15 – Need 5

Benefits of volunteering will be:

  • You will get a voucher for a free meal for every shift you sign up for. 
  • You are GUARANTEED to see the KHS band perform at 8:30. We will shut down the world for it, no matter what your job is. So don’t be shy about signing up for an evening volunteer spot!

If you are interested, please sign-up using Sign-Up Genius.

Volunteer Meeting: 

There is a volunteer meeting on Friday night, Oct 22 at 6:30pm starting in the commons. All volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend to get training and other important information about NSBA.

We’ll tell you what to expect at NSBA and will do brief training for your jobs. Please contact us for any other questions!