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This Friday at 10pm is the deadline to place orders for band photos to receive free shipping. This will save you $4.95 on your order. 

Just a few last points that may answer your questions.

  • Orders can still be placed after the deadline. But orders will be shipped directly to parent’s homes for the additional $4.95 per order.
  • Approximately two weeks after the deadline, pricing will adjust to our “late pricing” (about 20% additional) + shipping.
  • The order galleries will remain open to accept orders and reorders til the end of the school year before we close the gallery.
  • We’ll set up a new gallery for the color guard once they are photographed. Same timeline, including 10% of sales donation to the band thru the first deadline.

Finally we are still looking for someone who has a trailer that they would be willing to let us borrow for the 2022 marching season. If you know of someone who would be willing please contact me asap!