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Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

The next payments for trips will go in to Bob Rogers Travel on Jan 10th and Feb 5th. Student Account Funds are available to request via student form:

Charms Funds Use Request

You can email moc.liamgnull@rerusaertapbk if you are unable to access your student account balance.

Also students can plan to withdraw funds from student accounts for meals in May ahead of the trip to Nashville. Per IRS rules, the maximum available to be withdrawn from student accounts for meals is $277.50. Any funds from concessions or other fundraising should be available by May 1st to withdraw for this purpose. The other trip related withdrawal allowed would be for payments already made directly to BRT.

Receipts can be submitted to the KBPA Treasurer for processing. Please contact them for the best method to complete your submission.