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Thank you to everyone who helped at the first football game. We’re glad you’re on the team. That was not our normal routine – hopefully the weather cooperates better the rest of the year.
We have another football game and halftime performance on Friday, September 8, 2023 and on Friday, September 15, 2023.

We will need a dozen people to help with the Pit Crew for each game and each competition. Please be sure to sign up for each game and each competition on the SignUp Genius link on this site or the Band website.

The evening starts at 5:25 pm on the South side of the CT Ryan Library on the UNK campus where we unload the battery percussion and low brass instruments. Then by 6:00 pm we move to the North end of Foster Field to unload the Front Ensemble and everything for the Halftime performance. You can watch the game from the start until 5:00 minutes (game clock time) before halftime when we line up to go on the field for the Halftime performance. After the game, please bring the percussion stands and the sousa stands to the trailer which will be back on the South side of CT Ryan Library. We will need the sousa stands ASAP. We do unload back at the HS Band room afterward.

For all the details, visit our Football page with the whole game plan for the evening.

Remember to sign up on the SignUp Genius page. We need to make sure we have enough Pit Crew help to get the job done.

Contact Ed Uden 308-440-0694 if you have any questions. We will be updating information on this Pit Crew site ( and on the Band website under Band Parent Assoc / Band Pit Crew.

Thank you for helping with the Pit Crew. Remember to wear blue.