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Welcome to the 2022 Marching season.  

We need your help on the Pit Crew for the September 2 home football game. To help keep track of a head count, if you are interested in helping please sign up using SignupGenius! The band will be performing pre-game and at halftime.

Initial unloading of the instrument trailer will occur on the south side of the Library at UNK (East of Fine Arts) at 5:30 pm. This will include all carry instruments (sousaphones, percussion, large instruments, etc.) to allow for warm up.

The trailer(s) will then be moved to the north end of Foster Field. At this time the remaining front ensemble equipment will be unloaded to setup, but the driveway must be kept clear for ambulance access. This should all be completed before any pre-game activities.

You will be free to watch most of the first half, using the following time guidance in the second quarter:

  • 5:00 minutes remaining: return to the trailer to find your item(s) to move and stage at the field entry.
  • 2:00 minutes remaining: move onto the field, staying close to the fence near the home stands.

When the band takes the field to perform, we will stage the equipment along the home sideline. After the performance, all of the equipment will be removed and returned to the trailer(s).

After the game please help collect all of the tuba and percussion stands and the rope, and walk those back with the band to the trailer – which will have been moved back to the Library parking lot. The trailer(s) will return to the high school, where the students will do most of the unloading. It helps to have some adults around to assist in loading & unloading the trailer at UNK as the students are in uniform and we don’t want to risk damaging uniforms as we load and unload stuff from the trailer.

As this is the first run of the new year, there may be some adjustments made as we go – thank you in advance for your patience as we get everything fine tuned. These weeks are vital – we are establishing what we each need to be doing during the performance. This will help immensely when the competitions start as we will know the routine and can execute smoothly. 

We do have two trailers, the regular blue Band trailer for the font ensemble, battery percussion, sousaphones, etc., and the second trailer for the podium stands, extra pit equipment, props and hat bags (during competitions). Additionally, we have a large pyramid prop this year, so we need extra help in addition to our regular pit crew.

Check back here for any changes or updated information, as details may change up to game time.

Come join the team, remember to wear BLUE, and we will all have a fun time!

As always, contact Ed Uden with any questions. Thank you for helping!

Ed Uden