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The competitions begin this Saturday. 

We leave KHS at 6:30 am and will need some help at the Conestoga Mall parking lot by 7:30 am to unload battery percussion and sousaphones for the Parade. 

After Kearney marches in the parade they return to Conestoga Mall parking log and we go to lunch. 

After lunch, we will load and go to a TBD location (check back here for updates on location) and we prepare for a rehearsal at 12:30 pm.  We will likely need to unload everything for this rehearsal. 

After the rehearsal, we reload the trailers and go to GISH.  We will be at GISH by 2:00 pm and unload to prepare for the field competition. 

Kearney competes at 4:30 pm and the Awards are at 6:15 pm.  We return to KHS at 8:00 pm and unload.

Remember to wear Blue to show our support for our students.  

Thank you for your involvement in the Pit Crew. You are appreciated!

See the ‘Event Itineraries‘ under the Student menu for details about this event.

Ed Uden