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We are hosting NSBA 2022!  If you can volunteer to help with hosting, we appreciate your help.  Event volunteers will be able to help with our band pit crew as well.  All bands will have arrived by the time we need to tend to our Band so if you are an event volunteer you can then transition to our Pit Crew team and help with moving our equipment.  To see the Crew schedule, visit:

For our KHS Pit Crew, at 7:40 pm please report to the Band room so that by no later than 8:00 we start and help push equipment to the South end of the school.  We need to have everything at the Pit Area at the South end, ready to go, so we can stage outside the fence at 8:15 pm, on deck at 8:30, and perform at 8:45 pm.  After the performance we will ‘park’ our equipment at the Southwest corner of the track.

UNK performs after KHS and then we will participate and have fun with Pit Crew Olympics.  We need to bring several teams to the Olympics.  This is a fun time to cheer on our guests and enjoy the Olympics together.  

After awards we cleanup and help get our equipment back to the Band room.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Remember to wear BLUE to support our Band.

Also, remember that we represent KHS Band, KHS and the city of Kearney as we host this event.  Help us make our guests feel welcome and help them enjoy their visit.  This is a great event for us to host.

Thank you for all of your help this year.  We appreciate each and every one of you who have helped on the Pit Crew team, if it was for every event or for just one night, you are appreciated very much!