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09/17/22 Saturday UNK Parade & BMF Field Competition

A big thank you to everyone helping with the Pit Crew this year.  You are appreciated!

For the UNK Band Day Parade, the trailer will not be going to the parade (per the Directors), so students will need to get their own equipment to and from the parade, and we will not need to have anyone at the parade route to load/unload the trailer.  This gives us time to be ready for the BMF parking and pit area details.

For the Bearcat Marching Festival, the Band equipment will be in the KHS Band room.  The Band is to assemble at 1:45 pm in the Band room, so our Kearney Pit Crew needs to be available by 2:00 pm to help move all the equipment to the South end of the HS parking lot.  We begin staging our pit crew outside the fence at 2:30 pm so we need to start moving equipment from the Band room at 2:20 pm so we are at the South end of the field by 2:30 pm.  At 2:45 pm we move our Pit on to the track (On Deck).  We follow Columbus, so when they are On Deck (their Pit is on the track), our Pit needs to be in the staging area outside the fence.  Be sure to stay on the North half of that driveway so that the Columbus band can enter the field and perform.  After the Columbus band enters the field, the Hastings Pit will exit the field and then our KHS Pit will enter the track and be On Deck.  Stay on the outside four lanes and be in the order we enter the field.  Remember that this is in reverse order from what we do at UNK for football halftime shows.  The sound system and speakers will always be first, but the rest of the pit will be in reverse order.  Once the Pit is set out on the field, we stand back against the front of the stadium while they perform.  After their performance, we will move everything to the Band Room.  If you can help with getting equipment to the Band room and with cleanup, that would be appreciated.

If you are helping with the BMF event, you need to stay at your position with the volunteers for the BMF event until we assemble at 2:30 pm.  At 2:30 pm please join our KHS Pit Crew for moving our gear for the KHS Band performance.  Those not helping with BMF will need to help us with moving equipment from the Band room to the South end of the field while the BMF volunteers are finishing their tasks.  The Parking workers should be done when Columbus parks, so they should be able to leave their posts and help on schedule.  The Pit Area volunteers will need to get Hastings and Columbus on the field and then they can join the KHS Pit to help get KHS on/off the field.

Thank you for your help.  We appreciate everyone who is helping.  Everyone is needed for this event to happen successfully, both as a BMF volunteer and as a KHS Pit Crew volunteer.  Thank you.

Remember to wear BLUE.

Thank you for helping and supporting the KHS Band. Be sure to make our BMF guests feel welcome.  Remember, we represent Kearney in all we do.

Kearney Signup Genius (sign up to help with Pit Crew and/or BMF22) link is found on below.

Details for the BMF Parking/PitArea

Guest map for BMF