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  1. Penny Parker called the Meeting to Order
  2. Reviewed Nov Meeting Minutes, Approved: 1st Steven, 2nd Alisa, All approved
  3. Financial Reports
    1. Treasurer Update – Jeff gave a general report (Abe was absent), Still have a few outstanding K Cards, Asked parents to remind students to bring in money or cards. Will be a list sent out soon.  To date the students have brought in over $5000 from KCard sales.  Stadium cleanup money has been received and distributed. Jeff gave update on Amazon Smile and how to locate that. Also you can shop with Scrip to earn funds.  
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Uniforms / Roadies-Still have a few outstanding uniforms. Remind Student to bring them in if they have already done so. 
    2. Concessions – Signup Genius will be coming out. Dates are located at the bottom. 
  5. Volunteers Needed:
    1. Soup and Pie Supper January 5th 4:30-8:30 watch for signup to come out
    2. Concessions: Look for signup genius
    3. Social Media Chair – Still looking for someone to serve in this role. 
    4. Band Banquet Chair – Junior Parent. Abe Smith and Arian Smith will be chairing this event.
    5. Big Band Chair – Lora Littrell
    6. State Concert Band Festival – March 29th in Kearney
    7. State Jazz Band Contest – April 14th in Omaha (no volunteers needed)
  6. Fundraising
    1. K Cards – Jeff gave previous update with Treasurer report
    2. Fall Fundraiser – Discussing ¼ raffle, a no dough fundraiser (just asking for money), Cash bash option (Parent will get more details to band directors)
    3. Concessions – Several dates available
    4. Scrip 
    5. Amazon Smile (Funds go to Overall Band Program?
  7. Old Business
    1. Trip Update – Has been approved by the School Board. Mitchell gave a high level over of the trip highlights. Can’t actually signup for the trip until April 2023 but can get students to start the process so we have a generalized count. LeFeber has been down to the middle schools to discuss this with the 8th graders as well.
  8. New Business
    1. No General Meeting in January
  9. Directors Comments
    1. LeFeber – Absent
    2. Mitchell – had a busy month, took 10 students to all state, 50 kids are with the Tri-M Symposium, Wrapping up auditions for the other honor bands, 20 students made it into the UNK honor band. Doing a canned food between band, orchestra, & choir students. Concerts are being held on Dec 13rth and 15th. Planning to take the jazz groups to Greeley Jazz Festival April 20-22nd. Have booked the Rainbow Motel for this outing. 
  10. Motion to adjourn: 1st Bodie, 2nd Theresa.  All in favor

Upcoming dates: 1/ 5 Soup & Pie Fundraiser

Fundraising Concession Dates:

12/17              BBall 2pm

01/05              BBall/Wrestling (time?)

01/07           Swim/Dive/GBBall 8:30am

02/04              Diving 9:30am

02/04              BBall 2pm

02/11              BBall 6pm

02/18              BBall 5:15pm

03/16           Soccer (time?)