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9/17/22 BMF

09/17/22 Saturday UNK Parade & BMF Field Competition A big thank you to everyone helping with the Pit Crew this year.  You are appreciated! For the UNK Band Day Parade, the trailer will not be going to the parade (per…

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10/23/21 NSBA in Kearney

We are hosting NSBA!  If you can volunteer to help with hosting, we appreciate your help.  Event volunteers will be able to help with our band pit crew as well.  All bands will have arrived by the time we need…

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09/24/21 Football Halftime

Thank you to everyone who helped with last week's festival - both the event volunteers and the Pit Crew for our Band - it went well.  This Friday's Football Game Halftime will run very similar to last time.  We will…

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