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The Kearney Band Parents Association (KBPA) and KHS Band offer multiple fundraising opportunities to help defray the cost of annual musician expenses (shoes, gloves, instrument repair, etc.), annual Band and Association operating expenses, and other large scale Band related expenses (trips, special events, scholarships, etc.). Historically, musicians and their families have been able to raise most – if not all – of the funds needed to support their individual expenses and experiences.

A portion of some fundraising activities are used to help support the general operational expenses of the KBPA, the competition season for Marching Band, and other exceptional band expenses throughout the year.

Seasonal Fundraising

The Band Parent Association staffs the concessions stand for some of the athletic events at KHS and UNK. There are different ways that you can get involved: you can work the counter up front or provide assistance in the back – it is really up to you, but we can definitely find you a spot.

A Sign-up Genius form is available to fill out for all available shifts, so please check-in regularly for any updates.

After all home football games we as an organization are paid by UNK to clean the stadium. Parents are able to earn a portion of those funds for their band member by signing up after the game and staying to help. We do have a limited number of spots to maximize the earnings possible per person while still allowing enough people to be sure that we aren’t spending all night cleaning. Some nights we can be done in an hour with enough help. That’s where you come in.

Funds earned during Stadium Cleanup go into your child’s band account and can be used in the Charm Store for t-shirts, marching band shoes, items for Color Guard, etc. It can also be used for our big band trips which cuts down on your out of pocket expense. All for contributing a little bit of your time, plus you get to meet some other great band parents!! So come see us after the game!

Fall Semester: K Card Discount Cards

Offering a wide variety of discounts at local Kearney Businesses, these cards sell for $5 each and the students make 100% profit from this fundraiser. The cards become available to all KHS student organizations to sell around the middle of September. While this could create competition between student groups/activities, we have also had students earn hundreds of dollars in the past.

Spring Semester:

A band-specific fundraiser is usually announced early in the semester (in class to the students, by email/meeting to parents), with the type of event varying from year to year. Opportunities are regularly researched to maximize the amount of student earning potential.

Alter Metal Recycling periodically hosts a special fundraising event to benefit the Kearney High Band Parent Association, where any individual or business is invited to support the association and the environment. Any donation of scrap metal for recycling can be delivered to any Alter location, and and the resulting proceeds will be donated to the Kearney High Band Parent Association.

Founded in 1898, Alter Metal Recycling, a division of Alter Trading Corporation, is a fourth-generation company with 70 scrap metal processing operations located throughout the Midwest.

Ideas for recycling

  • Car Disposal requirements: Title required for any vehicle 1980 & newer; mercury switches removed; battery removed; all fluids drained and gas tank removed/visibly punctured
  • Refrigeration: We do no accept anything containing freon without documentation from a licensed professional stating that the freon has been recovered legally.
  • Other materials that are not accepted:
    • TVs
    • Microwaves
    • Monitors
    • Computers – we will accept the e-scrap if brought in separately (hard drives, motherboards, memory, etc.)

These are announced through Charms or this website, and will have a lead time of a few days to a few weeks. Make sure you are subscribed through your student’s Charms account to ensure all updates and announcements are received.

Year-round Fundraising

Purchase gift cards from RaiseRight and help the KHS Band AND your student’s account!  The best part?  It doesn’t cost you a thing!

With 750+ brands to choose from, there is a brand for every household need or wish list. Plus, you can pick from eGift cards, physical gift cards, and reloading funds digitally onto existing physical gift cards. It’s instant donations with every purchase.

  • Gift cards from RaiseRight have no activation fees and they never expire.
  • Use your gift cards in-store or online, or access your eGift cards right from your online account. Stored in your Wallet, you can easily view, use, and organize to quickly find the ones you use most.
  • Extended family members, Alumni, and Alumni Parents are all welcome to participate: You can also help earn funds for the KHS Band, either for an individual student account or the general band fund.
  • Our mobile app makes it easy to access and use your eGift cards anytime, anywhere.

Sign up for your personal account in about 5 minutes, then you’re all set.

If you are unable to setup your account, or have a problem with activating your account for the appropriate fund (individual student or general fund), please email the RaiseRight coordinator.

Spark Good, from Walmart, includes local grants, round up, registries, and a space request tool. Walmart Business offers items for purchase like office supplies & other products on a tailor-made site and experience.

After you have added the Kearney Band Parents Association to your Walmart account, when you  make an online or Walmart app purchase you will be prompted to round up your bill to the nearest dollar. That additional change will then be donated to the KBPA’s general supporting fund.

To register:

  1. Sign into your account at or in the Walmart app.
  2. Select “Giving & impact” from the menu (left side on website)
  3. Search for “Kearney High Band Parents Association” and select the KBPA.
  4. Review the terms and conditions, and if you approve click/tap on Done!

That is it! The next time you make a purchase online or on the app you can opt to round up at checkout and donate remainder to the KBPA.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Support the band through your business

The KBPA and Kearney Bands host multiple events throughout the year, where organizations may choose to sponsor program or video board ads.

Donate to the band

One-time donations are also accepted through the Kearney Public Schools Foundation.