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The tradition can be traced to late summer 1991. Neal Schnoor was beginning his first year at KHS and decided to return the program to marching competitively. Kristen Davis (daughter of Dr. Gary Davis and Deb) was a senior drum major along with Jason McKirahan. Kristin had attended drum major camp that summer and brought back this idea to check posture points while building/exuding pride.  She pitched the idea to Jason and they brought it to Mr. Schnoor as we approached summer camp.

While she was really excited about it, Mr. Schnoor had some internal doubts as to how it might work and/or be received by the band. I had yet to meet most members and was unsure how they would react. After a little thought I decided it was important to support Kristen in her leadership role. She was so committed, as was Jason, and I wanted to begin to build that kind of passion, commitment, and buy-in from student leaders from the start.

Mr. Schnoor agreed to let Kristen introduce it, and support her and Jason in making it routine, and evaluate from there.  The posture point aspect worked from the start.  To my surprise, the PRIDE part sparked early, grew day by day, and quickly became a force and source of motivation in the band’s developing esprit de corps, which only increased throughout Schnoor’s 3-year tenure.

Nathan LeFeber