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Aurora High School – 300 West L St, Aurora, NE 68818

Spectators are not welcome – only band members allowed

Because of new rules the school IS allowing us to sit two to a seat for transportation. That means we do not HAVE to have parents drive. If you would feel more comfortable driving your child please fill out the form HERE. Please note that carpooling is NOT allowed and students may NOT drive themselves.

7:30 am – load at KHS

7:45 am – Depart KHS

8:45 am – arrive

10:15 am – warm up

10:45 am – Performance

Until 12:30 pm – Watch other bands 

(that is what this is about – supporting other marching bands!)

1:00 pm – Lunch at Aurora High School

(Please bring a sack lunch, there will not be other options)

2:00 pm – Depart for Kearney

3:00 pm – Arrive in Kearney