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Members of the Kearney Band Parents Association are present at all band events, and often take photos of the band in accordance to Kearney Public Schools events and activity guidelines.

Yet we know parents, guardians, and family members take many more photos of your musicians than we could ever imagine.

Therefore we would like to ask for your help in crowdsourcing more photos for our website, social media, and slideshows. If you would like to donate your photographs to the Band, there are a few steps you will need to complete:

1. Find all of the photos you would like to donate.

This can be any photo of your child or wide view of the band, where the subject(s) may not be recognizable, present at or participating in any Kearney High School Band event/activity.

2. Confirm the file type is eligible.

For compatibility and file size purposes, the files submitted for use will be limited to Image files (as defined by Google).

If you have a different file type, such as HEIF (iOS devices) or RAW (professional/prosumer cameras, some smart phones) you may be successful in using the upload form. However, depending on your device some additional steps may be required. Please review your device’s help/support information for more details.

3. Prepare your files for delivery.

Regardless of the number of photos being donated, please do not change any of the dimensions of the photo if possible.

If a photo requires alteration, please try to keep these in mind:

  • Any cropping should be kept to a 4:3, 3:4, 16:9, or 9:16 rectangle.
  • The longest edge of the photo must be at least 1000px.
  • Simple photo filters are okay! Extreme filter use or editing may limit usability.

4. File Name

To assist with file management, it would be really helpful if any files received resembled something similar to:

Date (YYYYMMDD) + ” - “ + Location + ” - “ + Name

For example:

20211023 - OMI - AppleseedJohn.jpg

The file name will likely be adjusted, but providing some details with the file name will help filter where the file will need to be stored.

All Set?

Once all of your photos are ready, please use the following form to submit your photos.

If you have more than 10 photos to donate or encounter a problem with this form, please email Photo Support before attempting to submit the form.