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The Kearney High School Music Department is excited to announce the destination for the 2022 Band Trip as

Nashville, TN


The target dates for this year’s trip will be a departure of May 25 and return home on May 29. The trip will include events and experiences such as

A full itinerary with all the events, stops, meal locations, and other activities is available for review and download (updated May 4, 2022).

The trip will be planned and coordinated through Bob Rogers Travel, a student group travel and tour operator in business since 1981. Information on the tour proposal and organization details is available for download.

Student Conduct and Behavior

Any student choosing to travel with the band will be expected to adhere to the expectations and instructions outlined in the Kearney High School Band Trip Handbook. This handbook should be printed and reviewed, and any questions presented to the band directors. There are forms to be reviewed, completed, and returned at the due dates expressed by the band directors.

As a reminder, at all times during the trip any student will still be considered participating at a school event with the applicable Kearney High School and Kearney Public Schools expectations in effect. Any student participation is voluntary, and is therefore not a right.

Trip Chaperones:

To comply with district policy each of you will need to complete a background check conducted through the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Please visit their website to begin the process.

Payment Information

The total price due for Students and Chaperones will be dependent upon the number of total travelers and room occupancy selections. However, the following baseline prices should be considered:

  • Students: $875
  • Chaperones: $1035

The tour proposal has outlined how pricing will fluctuate based on current expectations and variables.

Recognizing how school based trips are often funded, Bob Rogers Travel has established a payment schedule for each traveler’s balance due. An initial deposit will be due directly from the registering traveler, yet the future payments can be made using a student’s fundraising balance. Please review the payment information as well as the steps on completing the registration through the available Payments Form and Instructions.

Recognizing these costs are not insignificant, Bob Rogers Travel has also provided information regarding their Insurance and Assurance programs

Trip Registration

For any interested traveler, the next step will be to complete the registration process outlined in the Payments Form and Instructions. You may also start directly at the Bob Rogers Travel registration form.

There are some How To videos also available.

Bob Rogers Travel Cancellation Policy

All money and fees paid to Bob Rogers Travel prior to cancellation are non-refundable. No refunds or credits will be issued for a canceled travel without the additional purchase of travel protection. All cancellations must be confirmed via email by Bob Rogers Travel. No refunds or credits will be issued for a cancelled participant without the purchase of travel protection.

Rick Mitchell