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Photo by Dolo Iglesias

Welcome to Kearney High School!

The Kearney High School Band Parents warmly welcome you to Kearney High School! We are thrilled to be hosting this important event and trust that you will have a good experience. We will do our best to make your day go smoothly. We know all of the time and hard work that has gone into the preparation for these performances. Good luck and enjoy the results of everyone’s efforts!

Kearney High School is located at 2702 W. 11th St. in Kearney, and the building will open at 7:00 a.m. Please refer to the parking map for the correct entrance for band buses, equipment trucks, and the general public.

General Admission

Spectators are welcome and encouraged to attend any performance throughout the day. Spectators should proceed to the west side of the school and enter off of 30th Ave. All spectators should enter at DOOR 27 (look for the sign) and will be instructed how to proceed to the Concert Hall and Theater (CHaT). Spectators are asked to park at the Berean Church Parking directly to the west of KHS.

Admission will be $5 for adults and $3 for children Children 5 and under are free. An ATM will be available on site each day. All seating is general admission on the main level of the Concert Hall.

Site Contacts


Concessions will open all day in Room H100. We will have limited concessions available that will include snacks and beverages. All proceeds will go to support the KHS band. All food needs to be consumed in Room H100.

Drop-off and Parking Information

Bus and equipment vehicles should enter the south parking lot entrance on 30th Ave (the west side of KHS). Then proceed north along the side of the school. All buses should plan to drop off students at Door 33 and then proceed to park on either 16th Street or 27th Ave north of KHS.

The spectator parking will be at Berean Church directly to the west of KHS on Friday. On Saturday spectators can park in the north end of the KHS west lot.

Travel Times to Avoid: KHS will be in session on Friday for this event. Please try not to arrive between 7:40 – 8:15 a.m., or leave between 3:30 – 4:00 p.m. on that Friday.

Set up diagrams

Please email your setup diagrams (including the number of rows, stands, and chairs needed) to Nathan LeFeber by April 4 at the latest. For timing purposes all bands will be asked to have the rhythm section on the stage right side of the band. KHS will be providing two levels of risers – one for trombones and one for trumpets. Each section will be 4 feet deep and 16 feet long.

Dressing Rooms and Restrooms

We are not providing dressing rooms. There will be bathrooms right inside as you arrive at Door 33. We are asking that everyone stay in the music wing of the building.

No Play Zone

To ensure that the performance does not receive interference, the only place where students can play will be their warm-up area during their designated time. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Performance Sequence

The sequence begins with your check-in on arrival at Door 33. There will be room monitors at each location throughout the day.

  1. Check-in at Door 33
    Volunteers will be available to answer questions and give directions. Students will be able to leave their cases and coats in the band room. The room monitor will direct your band to your storage area. You will be able to leave your stuff in the band room for the morning OR afternoon/evening session.
  2. Assembly/Ready
    In general we want everyone to be in the Concert Hall (CHaT) whenever possible. Listening to and encouraging each other is the spirit of this event.
  3. Music Warm-up
    At your warm up time, please proceed to the Black Box Theater (Room H102) for your warm up location. This time is for you to use how you wish. You will have 20 min in this station. There will be chairs, stands, drum-set, vibes, bass amp, guitar amp, and piano in your warm up room.
  4. Performance
    The warm up room monitor will tell you when it is time to move to the Concert Hall for your performance. The rhythm section should go first to ensure all instruments are there and set up properly. Chairs and stands will be set up prior to your arrival. You will have a total of 25 minutes in the performance area.
  5. Clinic
    Following your performance, you will be directed to the clinic room (Room G107) where you will have an opportunity to work with one of our fantastic clinicians. The same equipment will be available in the clinic room.
  6. Exit
    Following your clinic you will be directed to the band room to pack up your instruments. You may leave your things in the band room for the morning OR afternoon/evening session.

Presentation of Awards

School Classifications

  • Middle School Jazz Band class for all students in grades 6, 7 and 8th
  • High School Class C = 1 – 199 students enrolled grades 9-11
  • High School Class B = 200 – 599 students enrolled grades 9-11
  • High School Class A = 600 – 1099 students enrolled grades 9-11
  • High School Class A2 = 2nd, 3rd bands grades 9-11
  • High School Class AA = 1200+ grades 9-11
  • High School Class AA2 = 2nd, 3rd bands grades 9-11
  • High School Combo open enrollment grades 9-12


  • Division Awards – I = Superior, II = Excellent, III = Good
  • Placement Awards – top 3 ensembles in each classification – All High School 2nd and 3rd bands will be grouped together. Middle School 1st and 2nd bands will all compete in the same class (MS).
  • Certificates of Achievement – presented to soloists who perform in a commendable fashion
  • Outstanding Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Rhythm Section Soloist of the Festival
  • Overall Outstanding Soloist of the Festival
  • Best Wind Section of the Festival
  • Best Rhythm Section of the Festival Sweepstakes Trophy for the best performing group of the Festival

Good Luck!