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  1. Call Meeting to Order: Shannon Kramer
  2. Approval of Minutes from November: Meeting approved
  3. Financial Reports
    • Treasurer Update, Amy Fuqua: Not much new here. KCard payments processed. Follow up from Band Competition. Most of the checks have come through and are processed. Payments to judges have come in and have been processed. Donations for $50 for Band Parent Association will be put in. A script payment came in and will be processed. Treasurer report approved. 
  4. Committee Reports: 
    • Uniforms (Joni Ruth) / Roadies (Ashley Arner): Need to be returned before Christmas break.  Takes about a week to get back from cleaners so need to be taking them in this week.  Looking for some ideas for next year to have a better option for next year. 
  5. Volunteers needed
    • Band Banquet Chair – Junior Parent (Spring) On hold for now- will know more later in the new year.
    • Big Band Dance Chair (Spring)-On hold for now- will know more later in the new year.
    • Concessions- We will be having concessions coming up here soon in December.  Look for the sign up Genius coming out and sign up to help. 
  6. Fundraising
    • K Cards- Was due before Thanksgiving break. If you still have them, turn in money. 
    • Concessions-Sign up to help out. 
    • Scrip-Continue using to help us make $ for band.
    • Amazon Smile (Funds donated to Overall Band Program)
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
    • Broadcast Networking Opportunity-Any recordings from live band performances is breaking copyright laws. There is an opportunity that will allow us to have a 3rd party work out the copyright for the music we will be paying.  There is no cost to the Band and we could make $ with profit sharing depending upon the number of subscriptions that parents buy.  Parents can buy a yearly subscription for around $40 a year.  There is an option for discounts for free and reduced lunch families.  It was mentioned that the cost would be hard for some for grandparents or some families. 
    • Upcoming Concerts-12/17 Holiday Concert coming soon, please join us online to watch.  
  9. Directors Comments:
    • Mr.Mitchell- There will not be an underclassmen honor guard this year, with everything going on with Covid. Thanks for your understanding with the changes being made with the concert attendance. With social distancing we can only allow a few in the audience, so students from band & orchestra will be our supportive audience and all parents and family members can watch live online. 
    • Lefeber- Our band concert went amazing, good job everyone. Online concert went well and the band did fantastic, the Kearney High Band did the best out of all that was submitted. Thanks to all students and parents for all that you did to make this a great marching band season especially with all the challenges.
  10. 10.Upcoming Dates
    • 12/3 – Basketball
    • 12/4 – Jazz Workshop
    • 12/11 – Basketball
    • 12/17 – Music Concert
    • 12/18 – Basketball
  11. 11.Concession Dates
    • 1-11-21 – Basketball
    • 1-17-21 – Basketball
    • 1-28-21 – 9th Grade Basketball
    • 2-1-21 – Basketball
    • 2-6-21 – Wrestling
    • 2-14-21 – Basketball
    • 2-25-21 – Girls District –round 1
    • 2-28-21 – Girls District Finals
    • 3-19-21 – Girls Soccer
Nathan LeFeber