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  1. Call Meeting to Order- Robyn Jackson/Kathy Maxson
    • Approval of Minutes from January Meeting-skipped Secretary not present
  2. Financial Reports & Treasurer Update – Corrine Harre
    • Our PayPal account had a fraudulent charge. We are working to recover this money back and have a plan in place to increase security for these accounts.
    • Approved by Bodie, seconded by Chrianne Wickham
  3. Committee Report
    • Uniforms / Roadies – Joni Ruth Chrisanne & Lauren
      • All by 19 have been returned. This is really good compared to prior years.
      • There are some misc. other single items that are outstanding. 
      • Those who have not returned have been turned over to the office.
    • Big Band Dance – Chrisanne Wickham
      • Poster is ready and mock up for tickets for approval.
      • They will have mug shots for the photos, they are serving donuts and coffee.
      • The police plan to attend and take photos with the kids.
      • The theme is ‘wanted’. 
      • Friday, April 3rd is the plan for the dance.
      • Tickets will become available at the beginning of March.
      • Money from the big band dance will be used to help offset the cost of Greeley Jazz Fest. 
        • Total cost would be $3200.
        • The Greeley trip is April 24th-26th.
        • The Jazz ensemble and Jazz lab band are going, anyone else is invited to go.
        • If students want to attend, they need to tell directors asap.
  4. Fundraising
    • Concessions – listed below – please sign up if there are spots available. 
    • Scrip
    • Amazon Smile (Funds donated to Overall Band Program)
  5. Old Business
    • Constitutional review – Robyne
      • Went through all changes to constitutional review.
      • This document will be sent out by email to all band parents and we will have a vote at next month’s meeting.
  6. New Business – None
  7. Directors Comments – Nathan LeFeber / Rick Mitchell
    • Trip Update – payment due soon, please make your payments asap. They will be sending out emails about luggage requirements and checking instruments. 
    • The people who play bigger instruments we may be renting instead, that is built into the cost of the trip, will not have to pay extra.
    • We put in for NSBA again, hoping to host it again. 
    • Kids are starting to register for classes. There is something slightly different, they want kids to sign up for band class and chamber winds, and marching band first term. Auditions will be at the end of year, so they can just change chamber winds to another class if they make it.
    • February 28th and 29th, going to UNO for Jazz fest, stopping in Grand Island on the way there. They are taking a bus and van, there are 62-63 kids going.
    • Wind ensemble is on the 13th of March, a Friday. They are going to submit for their group to play at NMEA in November. They will submit an application to play at Midwest clinic in Chicago. They will record them and send them in after the audition tape is done.
Nathan LeFeber