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  1. Call Meeting to Order Secretary’s Report; review of last months notes Approved  
  2. Financial Reports
    • Treasurer Update
      • General Fund: $25,474.86
      • Payments made to
        • Drumline Tech
        • Drumline Podium
        • Color Guard Flags
        • NSBA Programs
        • Buffalo Bucks
        • Trip Payment
        • Storage Fees
        • Transfer to Student Savings Accounts
      • Students Savings $32,879.78
      • Nathan
        • Script Account 823.70
        • Hardship Fund 1,621.94
        • Scholarship Fund 188.20
        • Color Guard Fund 0
        • Instrument Fund 20.00
      • Audit update
        • Audit is not currently done
        • Miscommunication and hard with the paperwork that we have.
        • Proposed to do a review not an audit, need to find someone else to do the audit/review.  
        • A full audit is very costly, a review maybe a more achievable goal.
        • Suggested Jantha may be able; better when it is someone who has been treasurer that can understand the current systems
        • Other suggestions were fall/spring, but it is hard to get someone to do it once let alone twice.
        • Proposed for in the future that those on the exec committee that do not have power of approval for expenditures to conduct the review with treasurer on hand to explain and ask questions.
        • Jantha agreed she would do the review.  We will get her the books.
      • Payments to be presented $599 to saxophone assistance payment
      • Budget is approved.
    • Proposed Expenditures
      • Trophy Case: Commitment to fund has been reached by each area.  Band had proposed to pay $1000; money has been raised to cover the expenses. Deposit money into school account and issue a check for $1000. Motion Approved.
      • Used instruments may be available to purchase, Nathan would like to pursue to find out more information and buy if available.  Double horns 2 for $500. Motion approved.
  3. Committee Discussions
    • Pit Crew – No new information
    • Uniforms / Roadies -many students returned uniforms, need to run a report to find who is left.
    • Concessions-Sign up has gone out.
    • Stadium Cleanup – paid completely for this year.  Received note that most likely will not need to next year
    • Senior Flag Coordinator-Karen Hillard
    • Big Band Dance-Currently working on advertising, planning, going to start selling tickets
    • Band Banquet- still need a junior parent to take over, propose Colin’s parents, Ethan’s smith’s parents? Just need a committee leader, parent volunteers will help out.
  4. Volunteers needed
    • Band Banquet-will reach out to parents to find a committee leader
  5. Fundraising
    • Spring Fundraising Discussion-Main purpose is individual fundraising for the trip. No Dough is one of the few possibilities that can be done at this late date that is not selling things, and is quick so that money can be deposited into students accounts by the March payment.  Fund raiser must be shut off by end of February.  Have it only month of February.
  6. Old Business
    • Constitution Review: 
      • Constitution has been reviewed and editing, financial piece has been gone over and edited. 
      • Exec Board went over proposed changes article by article.
      • Here are the proposed updates to the changes to each article.
        1. I.g. Duties – President Elect prepares a slate of candidates for officer roles and committee chairs that is then used to appoint by President.
        2. II.b & c clarify language of who needs to approve
      • Next step is to send a copy to the link out to all band parents to look over for the next meeting, for discussion and approval.
    • Greeley Jazz Festival-raise money through Big Band Dance tickets
    • Trip Update – Next payment is due March
    • Marching Festival -buffalo bucks to Lisa/Mikaela/Erika?  PAID
    • Sax Ensemble-Continuation Approved
  7. New Business
    • Booster Pie Fundraiser-Eva Lynn is taking care of this for the Booster Club
    • Underclassman Honor Band
  8. Directors Comments:
    • Students would like to get assistance to learn to play their instruments better
      • “Volunteers” can come into school and work with students but must be paid for by parents.
      • Would have to paid up front to have funds available to pay a honorarium to volunteers. 
      • Discussed could use online versions but would prefer community members to create ties between students and community.
      • Nathan is going to explore option and draft up something and think through problems and ideas.
  9. Meeting concluded.
Nathan LeFeber