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  1. Call Meeting to Order – Shannon Kramer
  2. Approval of Minutes from March Meeting; Minutes Approved – Tish Thacker
  3. Financial Reports (Report Approved) – Corrine Harre
    • Treasurer Update: trip payments processed and sent out.
    • Updated accounts, May statement will be done by June 1st.
  4. Committee Reports
    • Uniforms / Roadies-updates coming – Ashley Arner
  5. Election of new Executive Committee Members – Shannon Kramer
    • Julie Wheeler – President Elect: Motion approved to accept Julie as President Elect. Welcome aboard and thank you for volunteering.
    • Abe Smith – Treasurer Elect: Introduction to Abe, and thank you for volunteering and welcoming aboard.  Motion approved to accept Abe as Treasurer Elect.
  6. Old Business – Shannon Kramer
    • Quarter notes were sent out last week – don’t forget to look for them.
  7. New Business – Shannon Kramer
    • Marimba Purchase: Motion approved. Will be purchased through KHS and reimbursed by band account.
  8. Volunteers needed for next year – Shannon Kramer
    • We need volunteers for these areas next year. Please help us out, it is greatly appreciated.
      • Band Camp
      • Water Coordinator
      • Senior Flag Coordinator
      • Scrip
      • Band Banquet Chair – May 2021
      • Big Band Dance – May 2021
      • Senior Night Recognition Chair
      • Scholarship Committee
      • Harmony Bridge: maybe become a larger program with opportunities and challenges presented with social distancing.
      • 10.Pit Crew-Need more volunteers for next year.  Need to recruit for next year.
      • 11.Uniforms/Roadies
      • 12.Concessions
      • 13.NSBA
    • We are happy to train for all positions and help you out.
    • Thanks to all those who are leaving us on the exec committee for their amazing help. 
  9. Directors Comments:
    • Rick Mitchell: Thanks to the exec committee and all parents for their dedication and  for their help.  A special thanks to Ed for everything that he has done over the years.  His amazing dedication will be missed.  All-state has been cancelled for next year.  Thanks again.
    • Nathan LeFeber: Currently working with the state band association on what next year will look like, decisions have yet to be made.  General consensus is that for now it is week by week information.  We do not know what directive measures will be.  Plans are in the works for if the marching band season is cancelled for the next year,  what are ways that students could still participate and promote the band. If you have any questions please email. Still planning on band camp in July but who knows what the future will be.  Information will be sent out as it is received.
  10. Motion to close the meeting passed. 

Upcoming Dates:

  • Band Camp Week 1 – 07/06-07/10
  • Band Camp Week 2 – 08/03-08/07
  • Band Photo Day – 08/10
  • KHS vs. GISH – 08/28