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  1. Call Meeting to Order and Introductions — Shannon Swift
  2. Secretary’s Report — Tisha Thacker: Review and Approve Minutes from February-approved
  3. Treasurer Update — Amy Fuqua/Abe Smith
    • Financial Report: Review and Approve — Approved
    • A few checks came in from Norfolk & Walmark. No changes in instrument fund, scholarship fund, color guard fund, hardship & Script fund. No other activity. 
  4. Committee Reports
    • Uniforms/Roadies-We will be doing up a list of those who still have uniforms out, owe for instrument rental & cat cards. The list will be turned into the office, students will not be able to get prom tickets until they turn them in or pay what is owed.
    • Concessions- Going well 
    • Senior Stands- Kearney Soccer team would like to borrow the stands and they are willing to help rebuild any that need it, also they are willing to help pay for any costs going forward.  Need 1,500 to build the new and replacements for next year. Funds approved at General meeting.
    • Big Band Dance – May 8th
    • Band Banquet – May 8th
    • We do now have enough volunteers to cover both the Big Band Dance & Band Banquet. We are brainstorming ideas on how to have the Band Banquet and still stay safe with covid.  More information will be coming soon. 
  5. Volunteers Needed
    • Executive Board 2021-2022- We have 3 open positions that needed to be filled for next year.  If you are interested please let us know. We need help keeping our excellent band going. If you have a desire to help just ask us and we can fill you in on what each position entails. 
    • Scholarship Committee-Applications need to be turned in by March 15th. We need 6 people to rate Applications- just can’t be a parent of a senior. Let us know if you can donate a little bit of time to look over applications and rate them. 
  6. Old Business
    • Fundraiser-Seats Raffle- will be raffling off a block of graduations seats.  Will start in April-more information to come.
  7. New Business
    • Elections—President Elect and Treasurer Elect and Secretary  (April = Present slate of nominees, May = Vote)
    • We have found a new company that will be willing to clean uniforms. We will come up with a plan on collecting all uniforms after the last use. Parents will get the information this summer on how to pay.
  8. Directors Comments—Nathan LeFeber/Rick Mitchell
    • Mitchell-Thanks for all who came to the Jazz Band Concert.  Some great opportunities are coming up to play so make sure you check out the schedule. We are holding color guard auditions this week-a great turnout this year.  March 11th Concert of Hope. (8 pm)  Symphonic Band will be playing a world premier, guest composer has been here working with students.  Wind ensemble and others will also be performing. 
    • Lefeber-We have been very lucky to be in school and working together to play and stay healthy.  With that said, we are still in the pandemic and so the upcoming performances will be moving to online. Wind & Jazz ensembles will be performing by Zoom for the upcoming performances. We are still trying to plan a Band trip for next year but need approval from the school board. More information to come as we know it. 
    • Marching Band music for next year has been selected, called The Summit. Marching band auditions and drum-line auditions will be coming up soon, encourage your students to get the new music.
  9. Upcoming dates:
    • 03/11 KHS Band Concert
    • 05/08 Big Band Dance
    • 05/08 Band Banquet
    • 05/10 KHS Band Concert
    • 05/12 Musicalia
Nathan LeFeber