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  1. Call Meeting to Order – Gretchen Sundberg
  2. Approval of Minutes from last meeting:
    • Motion to approve: Steven Thiele
    • Second to Motion: Eric Ring
    • Minutes Approved by voice vote
  3. Financial Reports
    • Treasurer Update –
      • Savings Account; No funds moved except K Cards come in. $6200 will go out to kids’ accounts for Trip Expenses.
      • Not a lot of change in our total balance overall. We did have bills to pay and some outstanding checks to pay; we paid marching instructors $6500.
      • Scrip account had a small bump. We park money that comes in for sponsorships. That money will be transferred to the general account.
      • We have $20k in the bank and opportunities ahead of us.. 
    • NSBA update
      • Very successful NSBA.  Net $7183.28 profits.
      • Expecting an additional $5000 from NSBA.
      • Erika commented that we took a gap in 2020 and this execution was wonderful.
  4. Committee Reports
    • Pit Crew (Ed): Ed: Pit Crew did an awesome job. We had a great crew and had a lot of fun all year. NSBA crew was great. Pit Crew Olympics Class A/AA – Colorguard dads won.  
    • Uniforms / Roadies: Parade on Saturday. Uniform check-in info will follow. 
    • Stadium CleanUp: $1600 earned over 4 games. Sarah Wall will send names to Abe (Treasurer) for bulk payments into student accounts. 
    • Concessions: Opportunities beginning in January. Angela Wright is leading this
    • NSBA: Gretchen thanks event organizers; Erika and Mikaela for their well-executed event
  5. Volunteers needed
    • Social Media Chair: Gretchen commented we’re still trying to fill this volunteer position.
    • Senior Banners: need to move them to gym 
    • Band Banquet Chair – Junior Parent (Spring)
    • Big Band Dance Chair (Spring)-Lora Littrell
    • State Concert Band Festival 04/06/22
    • State Jazz Band Contact 04/08-09/22
    • Soup/Pie Fundraiser coming soon
  6. Fundraising
    • K Cards-update: (Abe) K Cards season is coming to a close. We’ve taken in approximately $7000 in K Cards so far. Eileens will honor the K Cards even though they are not on the card. We do have some available if there are people on a wait list.
    • Fall Fundraiser (Mr Mitchell): Mr. Mitchell: Coffee Fundraiser – we are selling CFA coffee as a Fundraiser. Several coffees available. Several flavors. $16 per bag. $5 directly to the Students. Fundraiser through November 15. Tight turnaround for delivery in time for Christmas.  (Will be named/logo’d for us.)  Whole bean or ground. Collect $ upfront. Turn in and band directors will place the final order
    • Concessions-mostly in the spring
    • Scrip
    • Amazon Smile (Funds donated to Overall Band Program)
  7. Old Business
    • Trip Update (Abe): Available for questions re: payments or anything else you may need about Bob’s Travel, Students’ accounts
  8. Director’s Comments
    • Mr Mitchell – Offered thanks to all the band parents that put time and effort into the band season.  We’ve hopped into Honor Band season. We have 27 students going to Doane honor band. We have 10 students accepted into All-State. UNK Honor band auditions have recently wrapped up. Hastings, UNL, and Wesleyn remain. Concerts: Dec. 3 Jazz, Dec. 14/15 Concert and Symphonic. Dec. 17. Orchestra/Choir.
    • Mr LeFeber: Offered thanks to the band parents volunteers that helped through marching band season.  Scores from contests were reflective of the students hard work. OMI was great exposure to other styles of shows. Created great conversations in class. LeFeber is taking students to Doane. Concert at 3:45 pm. Students will be riding home with their parents. Schedule has been emailed out. Showcased lost and found items from the season. NSBA photos/videos have been emailed out.  We do have an immediate need for a concert tuba and bari saxophone. $4500/$3000. $7500 total. These instruments will last 20 years.
  9. Adjourn Meeting -1st Bodie Fuqua, 2nd Mikayla Richmond, & All in favor.

Upcoming dates:

  • 11/6 – Veteran’s Day Parade   
  • 04/06 – State Concert Band Festival
  • 04/08-09 – State Jazz Band Contest Finals

Fundraising Concession Dates:

  • Sat 1/8 8:30-4:00 KHS swim invite
  • Sat 1/22 2:30 B/G BBall 
  • Fri  1/28 4:30 B/G BBall
  • Fri  2/4 4:30 B/G BBall                                    
  • Fri  2/11 4:30 B/G BBall
  • Fri  2/18 5:15 B/G BBall
  • Sat 4/9 12:00 JV/V Girls Soccer
  • Sat 4/14 5:00 JV/V Boys Soccer


  • Th  2/24 Girls BBall District Finals 
  • Tue 3/1 Boys BBall District Finals
Nathan LeFeber