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  1. Call Meeting to Order; Introduction of all in attendance
  2. Approval of Minutes from last meeting; Minutes approved
    • 1st Steven Thiele
    • 2nd Shawna Knott
  3. Financial Reports
    • Treasurer Update
      • Gave a breakdown of the year summary. We really have broke even this year. Mr LeFeber gave a rundown of how this has increased over the years and thanked everyone for helping out
  4. Committee Reports
    • Uniforms / Roadies not much to report but Megan was working on cleaning. 
    • Concessions We are in full swing.  We have great days that have brought in big crowds.  Have 5 more dates and may have 2 more.  Mr Mitchell shared that they really like when Band does the concessions. 
    • Band Banquet Chair – Sarah Wall: May 7th 3-5pm.  More details to come
    • Big Band Dance: Lora Littrell
      • May 7th 7pm-10. 
      • Will be getting some promotional information soon.
      • Blue Brothers theme. great community outreach event. 
      • Will have pies for sale which will be all profit and will get people to donate them. 
      • Will have a couple of officers here for a photo booth option. 
  5. Volunteers needed:
    • Concessions: continue to look for sign up genius through the spring
    • Social Media Chair – May have a couple students that will be taking this over through Deca. 
    • Band Banquet – need volunteers
    • Big Band Dance – need volunteers
    • State Concert Band Festival 04/06/22 – Will need to have several volunteers, watch for signup to come out. 
    • State Jazz Band Contest  04/08-09/22 – Will need to have several volunteers for this, watch for signup to come out. 
    • Scholarship Committee: in place
    • Officer recruitment: need officers for next year: president-elect and treasurer elect
    • Managing Sponsorships – Need to find someone that would be willing to help with this opportunity. 
  6. Fundraising
    • Soup and Pie Supper Update Made approximately $450
    • Concessions-beginning mainly in January
    • Senior Graduation Seats – Will have a drawing, information coming up. 
    • Scrip
    • Amazon Smile (Funds donated to Overall Band Program)
  7. Old Business
    • Trip Update – Mr Mitchell – Make sure to stay current on payments, have a few that are currently behind;109 students, 16 chaperones, 4 staff
    • Website Update
      • Steven gave an update that it is launched and works. Few pages that are still under construction
      • If there is a page you use that is not working just need to let Steven know. 
      • Signup Genius link is not working so that will be fixed (he fixed during meeting), Steven is also getting a form so parents and students can submit photos. 
    • Constitution Committee Review
  8. New Business
  9. Director’s Comments
    • Mr Mitchell – Honor Band Season, had students make it into all honor bands that they participate in.  Lincoln Honor band has 46,  7 are KHS students, Chadron honor band 3 kids and then going to Arizona State University.  Several others are being canceled. 
    • Mr LeFeber – Had the opportunity to chat with others that run other honor bands and they are having rough years with participation and support.  Very fortunate to have the program we have. 
      • March 10th concert is at 8pm (Orchestra will be earlier in the evening)
      • May 6th Concert (Changed from May 10 due to honors night)
      • Be on the lookout for band practice for the band trip and then the meeting right before the trip
  10. Meeting adjourned: 1st Steven, 2nd Theresa

Upcoming dates:

  • 4/06 State Concert Band Festival
  • 4/08-09 State Jazz Band Contest  

Fundraising Concession Dates:

  • Fri  02/04 4:30 B/G BBall
  • Fri  02/11 4:30 B/G BBall
  • Fri  02/18 5:15 B/G BBall
  • Sat 04/09 12:00 JV/V Girls Soccer 
  • Sat 04/14 5:00 JV/V Boys Soccer
  • Possible Future Dates
    • Th  02/24 Girls BBall District Finals 
    • Tue 03/01 Boys BBall District Finals