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  1. Penny Parker Called the Meeting to order
  2. Approval of Minutes from last meeting, Steven Thiele 1st, Shawna Knott 2nd, All in favor. 
  3. Financial Reports
    1. Treasurer Update – Abe gave an overview of the 3 accounts, Savings is savings accounts, Script is the account we pass money through via PayPal, script, etc., General Fund.
    2. Anne Bauer 1st to approve, Bodie Fuqua 2nd, All in favor
  4. Committee Reports 
    1. Pit Crew – Ed gave an update, needing more help
    2. b. Uniforms / Roadies – Kim is doing great, can always use more help
    3. c. Concessions – Have lots of dates
    4. d. BMF & NSBA – Need lots of help for the events. BMF is soon but looking good for this event.  Have a few spots open 
  5. Volunteers needed
    1. a. Senior Night Recognition – Julie McClary is heading this up but could use someone to help her
    2. b. Band Banquet Chair – Junior Parent (Spring) Lora Littrell is hosting this event again. 
    3. c. Big Band Dance Chair (Spring)
  6. Fundraising 
    1. a. K Cards – Coming in October
    2. b. Spring Fundraiser – Still reviewing, open to other ideas
    3. c. Concession – Lots of dates will be coming up. Great way to earn money for your kids accounts. 
    4. d. Scrip – gave an update on how to use this. 
    5. e. Amazon Smile (Funds donated to Overall Band Program)
  7. Director’s Comments 
    1. Mitchell – Thanked the Freshman parents that attended.  All-State they are hoping to have a big turnout again this year. Honor bands are another great way to participate as well. Auditions are next week. 
    2. LeFeber – Sept 15th, hosting Dallas Brass Quintet
  8. Motion to Adjourn Bodie Fuqua 1st, Tom Maxson 2nd.