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Kearney Band Parent Association 

The mission of the Kearney Band Parent Association is to support the KHS band program, the directors and Students. We offer a source of parent volunteers and organize fundraising activities, which allow band members to help defray the cost of band trips as well as provide necessary funds for the operation of the Association. 


1. Julie McClary called the meeting to order at 6:30pm

2. Approval of Minutes from last meeting October 2023 – Nathan Corrected Name Spelling Errors 🙂: 

Approved: 1st Shawna Knott 2nd Alissa Nebbe Voted/Approved

3. Financial Reports

   a.            Shared the 2023-2024 Current Balances Financial Report. 

             Shared the in/out of the marching competition 2022 (not as accurate) vs 2023. 

Changed slightly from last week’s NSBA meeting. 

o   Room for improvement in Gate Fees in future years.  $433 short.  

  • Wrist Bands need organized in how they were delivered 
  • online and credit card sales were new this year

·         Programs now accurate

·         Total Profit $13,759.07

b.  KCard funds need in by Friday 11/10

c.  Germany Trip requests have been submitted and have been applied.  Student Requests are processed 1-2x/month, but payment takes about 3 weeks to show up in WeTravel.

Motion to approve the Financial Report 1st Alissa Nebbe  2nd Kimberly Clark, Vote all Yes, Motion Carried

4. Committee Reports

a. Pit Crew – Ed Uden – Parade nothing needed.

b. Uniforms / Roadies – Kimberly Clark , Call time 10am for Parade.  Dec 2nd for returning of uniforms after Allstate

c. Concessions – Angela Wright – First date November 30! Dates below

d. Stadium CleanUp – Sarah Wall – Invoice submitted last week

e. BMF 9/23/NSBA 10/21 Mikaela Richmond/Shawna Knott/Andrea Ripp – Wildly Successful!  Leadership Post Mortem last week, Director Feedback was great, Bottleneck with concessions to solve.  Could create a group or website posted / Director vs Public Information, newsletter system Bob will look into that.  

5. Volunteers needed

a. Senior Banners: In the Gym!

b. Soup & Pie Night Fundraiser – January 12 – Julie McClary, there will be a sign up Genius

c. Band Banquet Chair – Junior Parent (Spring) – Kimberly Clark/Misha Eilers

d. Big Band Dance Chair (Spring) STILL NEEDED

6. Fundraising

a. Spring Fundraiser -investigating Beef Fundraiser again

b. Concessions-beginning 11/30-sign-ups closer to dates

c. RaiseRight

d. Spark (Walmart)

7. Old Business –


b. Senior Night – Julie will get pictures out as she has them.

c. K Cards – $8k so far!  Turn in cards / money by Friday  11/10.  Eaton bought 500 cards for general Band Parent Funds

8. New Business

9. Director’s Comments-

Nathan LeFeber

·         Great Marching Band Success 2023!

·         8th Grade Music night

·         Last Supper was a fantastic night, thank you for the support!

·         Jazz Band 11/21

·         Events 12/12 Concert, 12/14 Concert

·         12/19 Music Department Photos – Concert Dress

·         11/19 Playing for Candy Cane Parade at Hilltop Mall

·         11/30 Basketball Pep Band, The band is Split Blue & Gold so attendance for 4 games required.  If Student cannot attend, they can find sub from the other ½ of the band.  List will be out soon.

·         What do they wear for band concerts.  White/Black Symphonic.  Black/Black Wind Ensemble

Rick Mitchell

·         Thank you for the support, NSBA was great success

·         KCard Friday hard cutoff and will owe money, will be turned into the office

·         Honor Band Season. 

o   All State 6 accepted – 3 alternates.  TriM participates

o   16 kids Doane

o   Link on Website has all information Honor Bands – Kearney Bands

o   Underclass Honor Band MLK Day

·         Veterans Day Parade, CCC Ceremony on 11/10, Trumpet Taps Funeral Training/Experience

10.  Meeting Adjourned: 1st: Bodie Fuqua 2nd: Tim Knott

Upcoming dates: Fundraising Concession Dates:

11/11 Veterans’ Day Parade 11/30 BBall 5:15pm

11/21 KHS Jazz Concert 12/09 BBall 10 am

11/30 Basketball Pep Band 12/16 BBall 2 pm

12/09 Basketball Pep Band 01/12 BBall 4:30 pm

12/12 KHS Music Concert 01/27 BBall 2pm

12/14 KHS Music Concert 02/02 BBall 5:15pm

01/12 Basketball Pep Band 03/16 Soccer 10 am

01/26 Basketball Pep Band 03/19 Soccer 5 pm

02/02 Basketball Pep Band 03/21 Soccer 3 pm

02/05 Islander Jazz Festival 04/13 Soccer1 pm

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