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Kearney Band Parent Association 

The mission of the Kearney Band Parent Association is to support the KHS band program, the directors and Students. We offer a source of parent volunteers and organize fundraising activities, which allow band members to help defray the cost of band trips as well as provide necessary funds for the operation of the Association. 

  1. Julie McClary called the meeting to order at 6:30pm, introductions of all the attendees were made
  2. Approval of Minutes from last meeting May 2023: Approved: 1st Alisa Bennet  2nd Kimberly Clark Approved
  3. Financial Reports  Jeff Hasenauer
    1. Shared the 2023-2024 Reconciliation Sheet
    2. Motion to approve the Financial Report 1st Andrea Ripp, 2nd Alissa Nebbe, Vote all Yes, Motion Carried
      1. Shared the 2023-2024 Reconciliation Sheet (3 accounts)
  1. Student Accounts/Hardship/Instrument/Scholarship/Colorguard
  2. General Fund (subscriptions etc)
  3. Web transaction account (paypal, fundraising)
  4. How to use funds to pay for Germany trip, will share next time
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Pit Crew – Ed Uden, excited for new freshman parents, still need more folks to help, used Signup Genius so the team knows how many are helping.  Second trailer is secured.  Has own timeframe on website for the pit crew.  Question – Is Training needed for helpers??, Answer – No 
    2. Uniforms / Roadies – Kimberly Clark, Helpers needed, use Signup Genius, donations needed for black socks,  LeFeber will add to email out to all parents.  Anything needed, email Kimberly Clark.  Extra folks needed for first game, 5:30
    3. Concessions – Julie McClary, dates at the bottom.  
    4. BMF & NSBA – Shawna Knott, Mikaela Richmond & Andrea Ripp, BMF = 9/23/23, Sign up Genius going out tonight, 9 schools, volunteer meeting week prior, some schools plan on concessions for lunch!  All volunteers do get to watch the KPS band.  Admission is $9 for NSBA, but if you volunteer it is free, plus free meal.  Thank you for this, huge appreciation on this, it is 2 big events for the school and community.  
  1. Volunteers Needed:
    1. Senior Banner Coordinator, Gretchen Sundburg volunteered
    2. Band Banquet Chair – Junior Parent (Spring)
    3. Big Band Dance Chair (Spring)
  1. Fundraising
    1. K Cards, September/early October, Question – Money goes into the student account.  Check 10 cards out at a time, or hand in money in advance if want more than 10 at a time.  Checkin/out process is through charms.  Students Money goes into the safe on the wall, the envelope is the receipt with the treasurer
    2. Spring Fundraiser – TBD
    3. Concession stand, Dates at the bottom
    4. RaiseRight (formerly Scrip), Gift Card online order, ½ comes back to band, will hit social media
    5. Spark (Walmart), LeFeber shared on website, can round up to nearest $, online orders only
  1. Old Business
    1. none
  2. New Business


  1. Directors Comments
    1. Mr. Mitchell 
      1. Thank you for being involved
      2. Allstate auditions 9/13, it costs more if you wait to sign up
      3. More honor band information is coming (Doane, UNK, UNL, UNO, Hastings, Weslyan).  On the website!!  Search Honor Band Information MASTER
      4. Busy stretch, every weekend until NSBA!!
    2. Mr. LeFeber
      1. Travel starts 9/30 Columbus Competition, GI, Omaha, NSBA
      2. 9/21, 9/22 no school but will have  9am-11am rehearsals
      3. Jazz at the World (World Theater) Mondays, students communicated during school
      4. Proposed Band Movie at World Theater, Indiana Jones movie after Sr Night interest?  Yes
      5. Marching Show “The Arena” TDR (Courage, Perseverance, Hope, Overcome)
      6. Germany Trip Question Visa Need?  Working with the travel agent to finalize agenda, flights, etc.  Ensure you have passports in the works, can take 13-15 weeks.  Have 92 signed up.  18 more spots are still open
      7. 10/24 is Wind Ensemble (not marching, but still help needed)
  1. Meeting Adjourned: 1st: Body Fuqua 2nd: Steven Thiele

Upcoming dates:

9/8 Home Football Game 11/30 BBall 5:15 pm

9/14 Pep Band 12/9 BBall 10 am

9/15 Home Football Game 12/16 BBall 2 pm

9/23 UNK Band Day Parade 12/21 Wrestling 5:30 pm

9/23 Bearcat Marching Fes_val 1/12 BBall 4:30 pm

9/30 Columbus Marching Contest 1/27 BBall 2 pm

10/6 Home Football Game 2/2 BBall 5:15 pm

10/7 Harvest of Harmony 3/16 Soccer 10 am

10/10 Pep Band 3/19 Soccer 5 pm

10/14 OMI Marching Contest 3/21 Soccer 3 pm

10/20 Home Football Game 4/13 Soccer 1 pm

10/21 NSBA Other possible dates 2/20, 2/24

10/24 KPS Band Fes_val

11/11 Veterans’ Day Parade

11/30 BBall 5:15 pm

12/9 BBall 10 am

12/16 BBall 2 pm

12/21 Wrestling 5:30 pm

1/12 BBall 4:30 pm

1/27 BBall 2 pm

2/2 BBall 5:15 pm

3/16 Soccer 10 am

3/19 Soccer 5 pm

3/21 Soccer 3 pm

4/13 Soccer 1 pm

Other possible dates 2/20, 2/24

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