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Kearney Band Parent Association
The mission of the Kearney Band Parent Association is to support the KHS band program, the directors and Students. We offer a source of parent volunteers and organize fundraising activities, which allow band members to help defray the cost of band trips as well as provide necessary funds for the operation of the Association.

  1. Call Meeting to Order: Introductions were made throughout the group
  2. Approval of Minutes from last meeting
    • 1st: Steven Thiele
    • 2nd: Shawna Knott
    • Approved by all
    • Discussion: need to change the dates of the Big Band Dance and Banquet
  3. Financial Reports:
    1. Treasurer Update: We have three accounts: general account: , student account, online services; changing from Charms because they were bought out and they are going to shut down Charms; there will be no financials in the new product; there were problems in the software of Charms and they duplicated our entries. The pending checks were really high. The error in the software has been corrected and we have more money than we thought. (See treasurer’s report for details on amounts.)
    2. We have been looking at replacing Charms. We will be going with Quickbooks Online. Standard financial package. It is nonprofit and the price is cheaper.
    3. We reevaluated our banking situation. Our current bank, Farmers Merchant Bank, does not integrate with Quickbooks Online. We are now moving to Pinnacle Bank. This will be happening in the next month or two.
    4. Our last account has a smaller amount in order to decrease any security issues.
    5. Germany trip: if needing to use student’s funds to pay for the trip, the request needs to be in by March 15, end of the day. This will be the last time to use student funds to pay for the trip. Will talk more about converting foreign currency in our Germany meeting.
    6. Financial Report Approved
      • 1st: Alissa Nebbe
      • 2nd: Kimberly Clark
      • Approved by all
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Uniforms: all good
    2. Concessions: coming up on Saturday, look for sign up genius
    3. Band Banquet: May 5 at 5pm
    4. Big Band Dance: May 3 7-10pm
      • Lora Littrell: went away from title of Big Band Dance to cater more to the entire community; fundraiser for jazz band
      • Theme: “Big Band and Bell Bottoms, that 70s Swing”: everything will be reflective of the 70s theme. She will need access to a sign up genius. Will need volunteers and donations from parents. Will need help with set up especially since there is school that day. Will also have posters for advertising. Lora will have it ready by April to take to the community.
  5. Volunteers needed
    1. Concessions: a few more soccer games coming up
    2. Band Banquet-need volunteers.  
    3. Big Band Dance-need volunteers
    4. NSBA concert band festival 3/28: will use student helpers, but could use a few parent volunteers as well. Sign up genius is open. There will be 4 shifts for 1-1⁄2 hour long. Students will not be able to sign up during their performance. Audience members are encouraged
    5. Scholarship Committee: in place
    6. Officer recruitment: need officers for next year: president-elect and treasurer elect; need a replacement for our secretary who is moving. These officers will be in place in April and will vote on them in the May meeting
  6. Fundraising
    1. Concessions
    2. Senior Graduation Seats: will start the raffle at the end of April; up to 10 seats for a grad family
    3. March/April Raffles: currently running for March; all tickets have been handed out; limited to $5000 per month; tickets are $10 a piece; we have a dozen sheets back; if not selling tickets, please return them so that other students can sell. Due by March 25 and drawing is on March 26. Considering only doing one month for the raffle. Will make a decision after March sales are in
    4. RaiseRight: gift cards
    5. Spark (Walmart)
  7. Old Business
    1. Trip Update *See upcoming dates below; there will be mandatory rehearsals for the German trip not on the calendar
  8. New Business
  9. Director’s Comments
    • Mr Mitchell: Fourth term is busier than first term; so many different things happening; District Music Contest is happening on 4/20. Allowed 24 entries and all spots are filled. The band banquet is where band letters are handed out. They earn points to get a letter. Total points: 35; Every term the students need to attend a concert critique. There are many events: Kearney Concert Assoc-free tickets, UNK, etc. Has to be high school level or above. The concert has to be live. The purpose is to get the kids out and experiencing live music.
    • Mr. LeFeber:
      • GISH jazz festival: both bands earned superior ratings; Jazz festival in UNO: superior ratings; Freshman jazz group: sounding great. Excited about the future for our band! April 6: Wind Ensemble going to Doane Univ for a band invite with other bands. Interacting with them and then giving a concert in the afternoon. Parents/family can attend the concert.
      • See date changes. Will find out tomorrow at 10 for why the big band dance and the band banquet were changed.
      • My Music Office: new program in place of Charms; will have access to a parent site. WIll look a lot different than Charms.
      • In 2011, the KBPA was in charge of concessions. In the new building it changed. We have now been asked if we would like to run concessions again. It’s different from the old high school. Currently, when we work concessions we get 30% of the profits and FBLA gets %10 (current managers); If we take it over, we would oversee inventory, stocking etc. With the 10% we could potentially get $10,000. Right now, Angie Wright has to be at all the concessions that the band runs; it’s a huge time commitment. Possibly the plan would be to have 2-3 people to oversee it. The net gain for band parents would be significant.
        • Discussion about concessions: we would be responsible for inventory but one of the managers would have to be there. We would be using other groups to run the concessions, but KBPA would still receive the 10%. There are about 90 events a year
        • The plan would be to have directors, Julie McClary, Angie and KHS admin to talk about moving forward with the band managing concessions.
        • Comments: it’s a great idea; the extra money would be great; would be game-changing for KBPA.
        • Straw poll: thumbs up!
  10. Adjourn Meeting
    • 1st: Steven Thiele
    • 2nd: Alisa Bennett

Upcoming dates:

3/7 KHS Band Concert
3/28 NSBA Concert Band Festival
4/6 Doan Concert Band Invite-Crete 4/20 District Music Contest-Grand Island
5/2  KHS Band Concert
5/3  Percussion Ensemble Recital–Canceled!
5/5 KHS Band Banquet: DATE CHANGE 5pm
5/3 KHS Big Band Dance: DATE CHANGE 7-10pm
5/9 Musicalia
5/28-6/6 Germany/Czech Republic Band Trip

Fundraising Concession Dates

3/16 Soccer
3/19 Soccer
3/21 Soccer
4/13 Soccer