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The Kearney Band Parent Association (KBPA) administers a hardship fund to assist active Kearney High School Band students with costs incurred as part of the student’s participation in the band program. By regulation the KBPA is prohibited from assisting students with personal music expenses such as personal instrument maintenance and private lessons.

The KBPA’s hardship fund is maintained through donations and approved fund transfers. Therefore, amounts available for distribution fluctuate and are not guaranteed until after specific Board approval.

KBPA may approve funds contingent upon specific performance by the student such as assisting Directors with clerical duties for a set number of hours or similar, allowing the student to actively participate in their funding.

To be considered for assistance the student must meet the fund’s eligibility criteria, complete the application, and submit his/her application to the Band Directors or to KBPA’s Executive Board. The Board will act on all submitted applications at the first Executive Board meeting following receipt of the application. Students will be notified of the Board’s action by the best available method within two weeks of their decision. If approved funds are contingent upon student performance such requirements will be provided to the student at notification.

Specific student information will be held confidential by the Board.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Student must be an active member of Kearney High School Bands.
  • Student demonstrates self-motivation in meeting his/her expenses to the best of their ability through participating in fund-raising activities and/or personal contributions.
  • Student has experienced an identifiable hardship

To request assistance, please complete the linked form and return it to the KPBA at least one month in advance of any need.