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Kearney High School Band Ambassador Scholarship

The Kearney High Band Parents Association offers two $250.00 scholarships annually to graduating seniors.  Applicants will have completed at least five semesters of high school band and show good leadership abilities, music skills, enthusiasm, and school spirit.  These valuable contributions will have made a difference in the success of the Kearney High School Band program.  Applications are judged using a one-hundred point system with each area of the application assigned a number of points based on its value.  Please refer to the scholarship instructions for specific information.

Recipients of the scholarships need to send proof of enrollment from any accredited college, university or technical school the fall following graduation to the Kearney High Band Parents Treasurer at the above address.  If the recipient of the scholarship has not provided the proof of enrollment by November 30th, the scholarship will be awarded to an alternate recipient.  The Registrar of the post-secondary school will provide this.  The scholarship may be used for any expenses incurred with furthering the applicant’s education.