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I am so proud of every student in the KHS Band! While we had our mistakes, we came away from Harvest of Harmony with the top score in the parade, the top score on the field show, Superior rating in the field show, and Sydney was runner up for the Harvest of Harmony Pageant. It was a great day to be a Bearcat!

I have a few important announcements about this week.

  1. Please check HERE for the itinerary for Links this Saturday. Because of the crazy transportation needs there will be different bus lists so please pay close attention this week.
  2. The schedule for OMI the next week is looking to be quite lengthy. Plan for an early morning and a late night. That itinerary is still a work in progress but can be viewed HERE.
  3. If you would like to purchase discounted tickets for LINKS you can find that info HERE.
  4. Wednesday, Wind Ensemble is taking a group photo at Yanney Park. Dress is all black, concert black. Please don’t forget.
  5. TONIGHT is a great jazz concert with the Kearney Concert Association. You can find more info HERE. Consider going and supporting live music in Kearney!
  6. A friendly reminder that all students need to complete a concert critique (attend or watch online a high school, college, or professional concert, fill out the form HERE and submit it) by the end of this term. That date is Oct. 14th.
  7. As things intensify with Marching Band these next couple of weeks we are going to be continuing to talk about grit. It is the stuff that successes are made of. We are watching THIS video in class. Check it out!

Finally, thank you for everyones efforts in making this one of the best bands in the state!

Nathan LeFeber