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I wanted to share a note with you on 3 topics:

Outstanding Charms Store bills

We are still awaiting payments from some students for Charm Store orders. Keep in mind that these bills will need to be settled up before prom tickets can be purchased, or you participate in the trip. Checks can be dropped in the Band Room dropbox or mailed to the KBPA.

Uniform Cleaning Fees

All students have been assigned a uniform cleaning fee even if they did not have a Charms Order. Please see the recent Charms delivered email for a list of students who have not yet recorded a payment for the cleaning fee. These fees must be collected before prom tickets may be purchased or before being able to attend the trip. The $10 cost is significantly lower than submitting the uniform to a dry clean on your own. Uniforms will be collected at the end of the season, which will be different than in previous years. Please communicate any discrepancies to the Directors or email me.

Trip Expenses

Many interested parents have asked about trip payments via the student Charms accounts. We plan to offer 2 transfer windows – in November and January (dates to be finalized) – that will occur after the conclusion of the two fundraisers (Cat Cards and Coffee). This should minimize confusion and reduce paper work in general. Once credits are applied by the trip operator they will show on your trip account.

My advice would be to stay on top of the requested payment schedule if at all possible, and utilize any student account monies toward the later payments.

Other Treasurer Notes:

  • Students that submit requests for trip funds and have outstanding bills for Charms Store will have funds used for outstanding bills first then the trip.
  • Earnings posted after the mid-January transfer will be eligible to be withdrawn for Meals (amount will be established closer to trip) or to cover your initial deposit.
  • Moving forward, if you have funds in your account we will now use this Google Form to request the use of funds for eligible transactions.
Nathan LeFeber