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Since the Vets Day Parade is cancelled we no longer need to have uniforms checked out to you all. Instead of marching we are going to have a mandatory uniform turn in day on Saturday, November 12 from 10:30-11:30 am.

Please plan to bring in all of your uniform pieces – garment bag, draw string bag, duffel bag, coat, pants, gauntlets, hat and hat box, and shoes (if you borrowed from KHS) – to KHS Saturday morning. If you are not able to be there please plan to send your uniform with someone else.

Our fantastic Roadies will get it all checked in and then we can get them off to the cleaners. If you are in the All State Band you will need your uniform. Please talk to us about getting it cleaned so it smells nice for the concert!

Any uniform not turned in on Saturday (except All State students) will be turned over to the office as missing and privileges will be withheld until we get it back. Thanks for your prompt attention to this!

Please let either director know if you have any questions.

Nathan LeFeber