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The current marching uniforms were purchased in 2016, and continue to look as though they are brand new! While in possession of the uniform, students are responsible for the care and maintenance of the uniforms. They should remain clean, free of wrinkles, and worn with PRIDE!!

Care & Maintenance Expectations

  • Students are responsible for getting the uniform cleaned if it gets dirty and are responsible to return the uniform CLEAN at the end of the marching season.
  • Uniforms can ONLY be cleaned at Liberty Cleaners (one cleaning will cost $5 for the coat and $11 for the whole uniform)
  • Uniforms MUST NOT BE WASHED in a household washing machine
  • Students are encouraged not to eat in uniform

The value of each uniform is over $500. You should treat it as you would your best clothing, so as not to incur any additional costs for its care or replacement. Wear it with pride. Keep in mind that these band uniforms are a privilege to wear and need to be kept in the very best condition. No food or drinks allowed except water when in uniform. Nothing looks worse than a sharp, clean uniform with dirt or holes on any part of it. Try not to rub up against anything (steering wheel, instrument case) with the edge of your jacket. The uniform will need to be steamed if it gets too wrinkled.

When traveling to competitions, the uniforms should travel in their bags and students will dress in the parking lot or on the bus, depending on the weatherKeep in mind that each child WILL be dressing in front of others and should wear tight or slim fitting shirts and shorts/pants under their uniform. NO jeans or jean shorts are to be worn under the uniform. Tighter, slim fitting clothing is a must – no baggy athletic shorts or boxers. Shirts need to be tight to the body and white or light gray in color or will show under white jacket tops. Gloves and socks can be washed at home. Please check shoes and gloves for stains or holes.

Band T-shirts:

Band/Section/Leadership t-shirts are not mandatory but make a nice memento of the students’ band years. Order forms are distributed by the Section Leaders and/or Drum Majors and collected with payment during band camp. T-shirts are usually handed out during the first weeks of school. Please make checks payable to KHS Band Parents. Cost is usually around $12.

Alternate Band Uniform

In cases where a formal uniform is not needed we will have an alternate band uniform. It will consist of a blue band polo, black pants, black socks, and black shoes. The intent of this is to provide us with a clean look for times when a full uniform is not required (such as the band camp exhibition, summer parades, etc.) and to provide an alternate uniform in the case of extreme heat. Every member of the band is required to have these items; however the only piece that you will need to purchase from us is the blue band polo (if you have one —you do not need to re-purchase). If this will create a hardship, please see a director and assistance will be provided. You may purchase this shirt through the Online Store in Charms.

Uniform Checkout & Delivery

The marching band uniforms will be issued during Band Camp. Students will be measured for uniform pants, jackets, gauntlets, hats, shoes and gloves. The school can provide shoes; however we recommend that parents consider purchasing shoes, as they will form to students feet and be more comfortable. The students will march in the specific band shoes chosen by our directors. All uniforms must fit properly before leaving band camp. If there is a problem with alterations, please contact the uniform chairperson ASAP.

Each uniform piece is tagged with an electronic tag to make fitting and inventory easier for the directors and uniform chairperson. Under no circumstances are these tags to be removed.

The clothes hangers provided are designed to withstand the weight and packing of the uniforms, please keep the uniform on the hanger provided. If the hanger breaks or is lost, please contact a Director or Uniform Committee member, as we have some extra hangers that we will provide as a replacement. Always hang the uniform when it is not being worn. If the uniform is wet, leave it out of the bag to air dry before storing it in the bag.

Uniforms will be cleaned at the end of the season at a cleaner chosen by KBPA. There is a $10 cleaning fee due by the end of Week 2 of band camp. Uniforms must be returned in the bag with all pieces at the end of band season, no later than Thanksgiving break. They will then be taken for cleaning. Any uniform not returned before Christmas break will incur an additional $10 late fee.

When wearing your uniform

  • NO makeup (with the exception of Color Guard).
  • NO jewelry
  • NO fingernail polish
  • NO hairspray used once uniform is on
  • Hair must be pulled up under the hat. Each student is responsible for putting his/her hair up.
    • For long hair a ponytail or bun work well on TOP of the head, for medium length hair a ‘sleeve’ will be given to students to help hold hair up inside the hat.
    • Uniform Committee members will be available before competitions to help fix a few stray hairs that may have fallen, but there is no time to do a complete up-do. This must be done prior to arriving at the warm up location.
  • Tall black socks must be worn

When wearing the uniform in public, band members are required to wear the full uniform, not random pieces of it. This policy includes the wrist gauntlets. It will be much easier to keep track of them if they are being worn. The hat is the ONLY part of the uniform which may be carried under the student’s arm. Parents, please remind your students they are representing Kearney High while in the uniform. Whether in uniform or street clothes, their conduct should always show respect for themselves and others; inappropriate or offensive language or behavior is unacceptable at any time.

The band uniform consists of:

  • Pants (similar to ski jumpers)
  • Jacket
  • Gauntlets
  • Shoes
  • Black mid-calf or taller socks
  • Hat
  • Duffle bag (for hat, shoes, and gauntlets)
  • Hanging garment Bag
  • White gloves
  • Drawstring bag (for hat and music at games)

Please be aware that there are a number of snaps and zippers on your uniform. It may be hard to put the jacket on without some help. The pants are form fitting. The uniform needs to stay sharp; do not toss it on the floor of your room or in the trunk of your car. Air it out if it’s wet, then put it back in the garment bag.

Each student may find that the pants need some adjusting with the buckles on the straps. The “height” of the pants is correct as shown below. The uniform jackets and pants are fairly light thus the appropriate shirt for the weather (and to fit under the pants) will be necessary.

Gauntlets will be worn over the arm sleeve, with white gloves worn under the sleeve. The gauntlet velcro is positioned to the outside of your arm. The gauntlets are sized with the uniform, and may vary by instrument section.

Pants should touch the top of your shoes. Only long black socks should be worn at all times.

Be sure your uniform fits prior to the first time you wear it. If you have questions, please ask the uniform committee or directors.