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Welcome to the Pit Crew Plan for the Kearney Football Games and Halftime Performances.

We unload battery percussion and low brass instruments at the trailer on the South side of the Library at UNK (East of Fine Arts) at 5:20 pm. Then by 6:00 pm we move the trailer to the North end of Foster Field and unload the Front Ensemble equipment and carry the battery percussion stands and tuba stands to the stadium.  This happens before the pre-game. 

Then you can watch most of the first half.  At 5:00 minutes before halftime, meet at the trailer at the North end of the field to prepare for halftime.  After halftime we reload the percussion equipment back in to the trailer.  After the game please make sure all tuba stands, all percussion stands, and the rope come back to the trailer (which will be parked on the south side of CT Ryan library).

Check back here for any changes or updated information.

Contact Ed Uden 308-440-0694 with questions.  Thank you for helping!

NOTE:  This year may again bring schedule changes at a moment’s notice.  Please check this page for Pit Crew changes and check the Sign-Up Genius for schedule changes.  We appreciate your help and your flexibility.  We will do our best to give our students the best possible experience again this year.

Now for all the details if you’re interested.

The Band marches halftime at Friday night’s game.  We need your help right before the game (during pregame) and possibly as the game starts at the North end of Foster Field, by the blue Band trailer.  We will help get equipment unloaded so the Pit can warm up and get everything set up.  We should be unloaded by the start of the game so you can then watch the first quarter and most of the second quarter.  Then, at 5 minutes remaining in the 2nd Quarter, we need everyone back at the trailer and we will get ready to go on the field.   At 2 minutes before Halftime, we move on to the NW side of the field to preset and then move to the field at the start of halftime.  After the Band has performed we move everything back off the field and load it all back in to the trailers.  There may be some adjustments made as we go – thank you in advance for your patience as we get everything fine tuned.  The first weeks are vital because we are establishing what we each need to be doing for Halftime so that when the competitions start, we know the routine and can execute smoothly.  Come join the team, we will have a fun time.

We could also use a few people to help at 5:30 pm at UNK Fine Arts to get the percussion battery and sousaphones out.  Look for the blue Band trailer – we will be parked on the South side of the C.T. Ryan Library (East of the Fine Arts building).  Then again AFTER the game please help pick up the percussion stands and the tuba stands and bring them to the trailer at the same spot East of UNK Fine Arts where we load the battery and sousaphones back in to the trailer and then unload back at the High School Band room.  Students do most of this work, but it helps to have some adults around to assist in loading & unloading the trailer at UNK as the students are in uniform and we don’t want to risk damaging uniforms as we load and unload stuff from the trailer.

Remember to Sign Up on the Band Website at SignupGenius (see link on Band website) for your spot for each performance.  IF possible, it would be ideal to have the same 12 people for the competitions and games so that everyone has their job and know what needs to happen.  But, we understand that not everyone can be at every game and competition, so we appreciate your help and your willingness to volunteer and support the Band.  

We do have two trailers, the regular blue Band trailer for the front ensemble, battery percussion, sousaphones, etc., and the second trailer for the podium stands, extra pit equipment, props and hat bags (during competitions).

Your help is needed and it is appreciated!  Thank you!

Remember to wear BLUE.

*** Be sure to check back, this post will be updated as we fine tune our plans and operations.

Stadium Setup

In the Football stadium, we need 5 X-stands, 5 snare stands, 2 Tenor stands, and 6 Sousa stands plus the rope and post/bracket to mark off the Band area.

Lineup for Front Ensemble on the Field:

This is the UNK lineup – entering from the left end of field as viewed from the spectator seating.

1) Center Podium (50yd) [1 or 2 crew pulls & sets it]

2) Sound Tower Rack [2 crew: 1 pulls, 1 runs electrical, plus students] on left 45yd line

3) South/Right Speaker/Subwoofer (35yd) [crew pulls & run cable to Tower]

4) North/Left Speaker/Subwoofer  (35yd) [crew pulls & run cable to Tower}

Back Row:
5) new Aux Rack inside Right 40-43yd line [2 students pull & set it]

6) AuxPercussion Wagon1 – transport guitars, bells, gong, x-stand and white bass drum [student pulls & sets it]

7) Bells on Jarvis-stand [student pushes & sets it]

8) Drum Set Wagon2 (50 yd line centered) [crew/student pulls]

9) Xylophone [student pushes & sets it]

10) Crotales [student pushes & sets it]

– Sound System Tower Rack will be here in the lineup on the field –

11) SynthCart [crew & students – run power & audio line to Tower] on 40yd line – bass guitar on left [1 crew pushes, plus students]

Front Row:
12) South/Right Podium (25yd) [crew pulls & sets it]

13) Vibraphone3 (red wheels) [student pushes & sets it]

14) Vibraphone1 [student pushes & sets it]

15) Vibraphone2 [student pushes & sets it]

16) Marimba1 [student pushes & sets it]

17) Marimba2 [student pushes & sets it]

18) Marimba3 [student pushes & sets it]

19) North/Left Podium (25yd) [1 crew pulls & sets it]

20) Props (on the the field)