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This page has details on loading the trailers.

Loading the Trailer

(Left & Right are as you face the front of the trailer)

  1. Timpani (4th largest one on left side under nose shelf, then 3rd one in front, then 2nd largest on right side by the door, then smallest one in between these three.  Then yellow strap across to keep them up front.) If Timpani are not being used, then the ‘red wheels’ xylophone goes under the shelf up front, plus both subwoofers.
  2. Generator needs to go next to the wall right by the side door (or up on the shelf by the door), put orange cones (between generator and door,) right next to the door for easy access from side door
  3. Sound Tower Rack (up front left corner by shelf – ratchet strap it to the wall)
  4. Subwoofers are next up front
  5. Wagons (put up on the 2×10’s to create the shelf – put Left one in first, then Right one. Solid wheels to back, turning wheels to front)
  6. Set the ‘bridge’ on the left wagon over to the front shelf.  Put white Bass Drum on the bridge (between shelf and left wagon) – gently strap it on to the bridge
  7. 2 Sousaphones on Trailer Nose SHELF
  8. Marimba3 – under the wagons, on the left side, nose toward back – lock the wheels
  9. Marimba2 – under the wagons, on the right side, nose toward back – lock the wheels
  10. Marimba1 – under the wagons, in the middle, nose toward front – goes in between the other 2 marimbas – lock the wheels – then LoadLock at back of wagons
  11. Vibe1 (nose toward back) on top of wagons, left side – lock the wheels
  12. Vibe2 (nose toward front) on top of wagons, right side – lock the wheels
  13. Speakers go up on the wagons, one by left Vibe, one by right Vibe – grill toward the center of the trailer
  14. Xylophone (nose front) on top of wagons, in the middle – between Vibes 1&2
  15. EquipmentCart1 (pit/aux cart), then LoadLock
  16. EquipmentCart2 (battery/harnesses), then LoadLock
  17. 2 Decks from Wagon1 on the Left side, over the wheel well area, on top of the load locks – first deck is top out & 2×4 down, 2nd deck is top toward middle & 2×4 up
  18. 2 Decks from Wagon2 on the Right side, over the wheel well area, on top of the load locks – first deck is top out & 2×4 down, 2nd deck is top toward middle & 2×4 up
  19. EquipmentCart3 (colorguard/bassdrums), then LoadLock
  20. SynthCart, strapped to right side wall
  21. 3 Sousas on top of Synth Cart
  22. Plume totes – up front – under shelf on front right corner – by the door for easy access – may need to also go on top of crotales if needed
  23. Crotales (in front door, between Marimbas and speakers)
  24. Attendance Backpack, Pepband Charts, Repair Toolkit – up front on the shelf
  25. For Games:  Sousa stands may fit on carts or may need to go on the wagons (hopefully on the carts).  X-stands, snare & tenor stands may go on carts or on wagons for the games. X-stands may go to left of SynthCart at back of trailer.
  26. IF there is a Parade, remember the KHS Band Banner (lay it on top of the 3 carts), and the US & Nebraska flags with holders.
  27. Front Shelf of Trailer contains: Spare Tire, Blankets, Ratchet Strap bags (2), First Aid Kit, Air Compressor, Generator, Spare Parts Bucket, Sand Bag Bucket, Tote with Rain Ponchos and Hand Warmers, Tote with Tarps, Stadium Rope and Brackets/posts, Tool Kit, Feather Flag w/pole & bracket, Yardline Markers, Tote with extras, Tote w/Safety Vests & Game Passes.

Loading Trailer #2:

  1. 3 Podium Stands (largest one first, then the other two) – decks toward the wall – ratchet strap all 3 to the wall together
  2. Center Podium Stand – prop up against wall, add hand rail, ratchet strap it to the wall
  3. Aux Rack – ratchet strap to wall
  4. Chimes – ratchet strap to wall
  5. Props – ratchet strap to wall as needed
  6. Jarvis cart with bells – ratchet strap to wall
  7. Hat Bags – load as needed

Loading Equipment Carts:

Cart 1: Pit Equipment & Extras
  • Top Shelf: 2 Synth Keyboards, (Bells case if needed) [need to strap down keyboards]
  • Middle Shelf: Sousaphones, Drum Trapset
  • Bottom Shelf: PercussionVault, Percussion case
Cart 2: Battery Percussion
  • Top Shelf: Drumline Harnesses (interlock 1,3,5,7 toward one side, 2,4,5,8,… toward other side)
  • Middle Shelf: 4 SnareDrumCases and Other Drum Cases or Sousaphone
  • Bottom Shelf: 2 TenorDrumCases, BassDrum1 and the CymbalVault
Cart 3: Percussion & Color-guard
  • Top Shelf: Color-guard Flag Bags (keep between the ends of the cart) [need to strap down with ratchet strap]
  • Middle Shelf: 4 BariSaxes, 1 Sousaphone
  • Bottom Shelf: BassDrumCases5,4,3,2  and Cymbal case