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Welcome to 2022-2023 Kearney High School Band!

Band Parent Association Directory

Penny Parker

Abe Smith

Julie Fuqua

President Elect
Julie McClary

Treasurer Elect
Jeff Hasenauer

Past President
Gretchen Sundberg

Nathan LeFeber, Director
Rick Mitchell, Director

Band Camp Information

Download the music before camp
[password provided by band staff]

Band Camp Week #1 – July 5th –9th

Band Camp Week #2 – August 1st-5th

Student T-shirts

All student T-shirt purchases are optional. Each year prior to the marching season, a shirt is designed by the Drum Majors to represent the show’s theme. This shirt makes a great memento of the season and can be worn under the uniform. Some instrument sections (example: trumpets) also order their own student-designed sectional t-shirts. Again, these shirts are low cost and a great memento.

Please keep in mind that all t-shirts are optional. Section T-shirts are handled exclusively by the section leaders and not by the directors or drum majors.

Bearcat Band Schedule

While there are possibilities for times and dates to change, all schedule information can be found on the website.

I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying a well-deserved summer! What a marvelous school year we all had last year. The performances you all gave, the growth of musicianship, the fun trips, the relationships formed, and the Nashville trip was all inspiring and super fun to be a part of! It is great to be a Bearcat! We have so many things to be thankful for!

However, as I read the news I am in disbelief when I hear about all of the violence and troubling things going on in our world today. So much hurt, anger, and selfishness saddens me. It makes me long for more of what we have going on in the KHS Band. More than ever I am convinced that music kids are more peaceful, totally embracing, and positively passionate about life and what it has to offer. I think it is important for us to remember that when we gather together for band camp in a few short weeks we are not just embarking on another great school year, we are laying the foundation for a culture that values life, trust, opportunity, and each other.

RA is going to be a great show. You all are going to be a great band. Lives are going to be enriched and changed this next school year. Let’s commit to each and every one of you being a positive, encouraging, and dynamic force as we grow our program into the 2022-2023 school year. I can’t wait to see you all in the band room in July!

Enjoy your summer!
Mr. LeFeber

Hey Band,

I would like to start by congratulating all of you that traveled to Nashville in May. It was an amazing trip and many incredible memories were made. I hope you are all enjoying your summer break and finding time to connect with friends and family. Life is so hectic during the school year so it’s important to take some time during the summer to do that. I also hope you are looking forward with anticipation for all the great things that will happen next year, and it all starts with BAND CAMP.

Band camp is a time where we begin to develop the skills and abilities needed for a SUPERIOR performance, but it is so much more than that. It is the concentrated time that we need to maintain and build the championship values and culture that we have here at KHS. Stepping out in leadership, working together until things are perfect, not settling for anything less than the very best are things that are hallmarks of what we do. But perhaps the most important part of our band’s culture is the quality of the relationships that are formed. Band camp is about meeting new people, catching up with old friends, and creating great memories.

I am very excited for the possibilities of the show that we have picked for next year. RA! will be a unique experience for performers and audience members alike. It will take us all on a journey to the desert sands of old and there may or may not be a gigantic pyramid in the middle of the field. The musical and visual opportunities are plentiful in RA! and I am certain it will be one of the finest shows we have ever done.

There are things you can do right now that will make your band camp experience the best it can be. Most importantly you can PRACTICE your instrument. We will be doing a lot of playing and you will enjoy that much more if your chops are in shape. Also, turn off your TikToks and Snapchats and go get some exercise. Ricardio is already training so don’t disappoint him. Remember, he loves you! See you in July!!

Mr. Mitchell

Band Parents

The KHS Band Parents Association exists to support the directors, students, and band program. Any parent who has a student in the band is a voting member of the Association. The ‘support’ for the program is offered in a variety of ways. You might volunteer to be a bus sponsor, chair a fundraising event, or even become an officer. Parents can log into Charms and select any of these in the interest sections of the parents tab.

We look forward to working with each of you!

Marching Uniform

Each student will be issued a band uniform during the first week of band camp. More information about how it must be worn and how to care for it can be found on the Uniform page.

Parents: Snacks for Camp

Camp Week 1: Each family is asked to bring a case of water. Please deliver to the band room.

Camp Week 2: Each family is asked to send snacks for breaks during camp. Please provide at the beginning of camp. We suggest fresh fruit (grapes, orange slices, cut-up melons—please leave on rinds), cookies, bars, muffins, breads, granola bars, string cheese, or Gogurt. We also appreciate individual packets of Lemonade mix that can be used in water bottles.

**Fresh fruit is VERY popular and we always run out! Very much appreciated it if you can bring fruit! **

Please avoid sending anything with peanuts or tree nuts due to allergies. A Signup Genius will be sent out by email for volunteers.

Spirit Wear Order

Spirit Wear orders will be made through the Saylor website. There will be two orders, June 30th – July 15th, and August 31st – Sept 15th. The link will be coming out soon by email.

Charms Store

Each student needs to have:

  • blue band polo
  • white gloves
  • marching band shoes

Freshmen and new students will need to purchase these items. This can be done through the Charms Store. You can pay with a credit card or you can use “bill and pay” and bring in cash or check if you prefer. Every student needs these items. If money is an issue then please reach out to a band director and we can help. The deadline is August 5th.

Nathan LeFeber