Updated Itineraries for this weekend

Hello All, Below you will find some updated itineraries for this weekend. For Thursday this is the new itinerary. For Friday or Saturday that depends on how the girls team does. Please stay tuned. If you would like to be apart of any of those basketball pep bands please make sure you fill out the google form that came to…

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3rd Term Playing Test

Hi all! Here is the info for your playing test for 3rd Quarter. It is due March 5th. All Wind Players will pick one section in your music that you are having a difficult time with (I will know if you pick too easy!) Work it up, record it (using YouTube – remember the recording instructions are in your portfolio folder)  and…

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Important Performance Info!

Hello all! Ok. There seems to be a bit on confusion about all of the exciting events we have coming up for your students. Let me try to lay them out in chronological order just to help put the pieces together as well as the itineraries we have to date.   Friday, Feb 27th – Saturday, Feb 28th UNO Jazz…

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NSBA Concert Band Festival

Hello! I wanted to clear up a little confusion there might be out there regrading the NSBA Concert Band Festival. While we didn’t get selected to perform at the NSBA convention Wind Ensemble WILL be playing at the NSBA Concert Band Festival on Saturday, March 7th. I have reserved a very nice motor coach and we will be performing in the…

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Hello! Please forgive the barrage of emails but I have received several contacts from parents of 8th graders about the difficulty of navigating our schedule at the high school. With the help of the guidance office we have developed 4 sample schedules that are based actual student schedules that are done in 4 different tracts. Those tracts are designed to…

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Upcoming Events!

Hello All, Click KHS at NSBA to see the attached letter regarding some upcoming events in the KHS Jazz Program. Even if you or your student is not involved in Jazz at KHS please check it out as there are some opportunities to get involved. Thanks for all you do! Mr. LeFeber  

New York Image

New York Trip Payment Information

Please Check out the PDF below for more information on the New York Trip!   Thank you!   New York Trip Payment Information Update

marching band 4

Band Camp Dates and Drumline Info

Hello All, Attached to this email there is a letter detailing some important information for drumline students and parents.  Please take a look at it and put the dates on your family calendar. **please note that the padding sessions will start on Monday, Feb. 2nd** Drumline Letter 2015 Also in anticipation of folks asking when band camp will be I…

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Keep On Scrippin’

Christmas may be over but New York is coming soon! I will plan to place a KBPA group order for Physical Scrip (plastic cards) next Wednesday, January 28th.  Deadline to order and make payments is 12:00 Noon.  Any cash or checks should be brought to Robbie Samuelson in the front office at KHS.  Time to get Scrip from all the…

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2014 Holiday Harmonies

Thank you for participating in the 2014 Holiday Harmonies performance.  It is always a joy to host each group and hear the work of all of the students and instructors.  Attached is a copy of the 2014 schedule for both stations.  You may also go to www.nebraska.tv and click on Holiday Harmonies to view the schedule. Merry Christmas and a Happy New…

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