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Mr. Mitchell and myself had a chance review all the leadership applications as well as drum major results. This is always the hardest decision of the year, and from the bottom of my heart I want you all to know that we appreciate you putting yourself out there as a candidate. If you did not make it, or did not apply, then we encourage you to apply in the future as the success of our organization rests in your hands. Have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you all soon!

You will note that there are section leaders and squad leaders. This is a distinction we will elaborate on at our leadership camp in July.


Ali Mangers Section Leader
Emma Johnson Squad Leader
Kailyn Spellman Squad Leader
Molly Mitchell Squad Leader


Taylor Berumen Section Leader
Mycheala Fegter Squad Leader

Alto Sax

Lindsay Johnson Section Leader
Destiny Kovarik Squad Leader
Kevin Osmanski Squad Leader

Tenor Sax

Taury Himmerich Section Leader

Bari Sax

Chay Lundgren Section Leader


Mikayla Wilmot Section Leader
Zach Markussen Squad Leader
Zach DeLoach Squad Leader


Lauren Dillon Section Leader


Olivia Harbols Section Leader
Jaiden Schilke Squad Leader
Joe Harre Squad Leader


Eli Smith Section Leader


Jensen Humphrey Section Leader


Baylee Smith Front Ensemble
Cassidy Stelling Battery


Sheri Shroeder Section Leader
Kayla Wolfe Squad Leader
Genevieve Henry Squad Leader

B.A.B.E (Band Advisory Board of Excellence)

Kevin Osmanski
Elle Stofer
Taylor Berumen
Becca Thacker
Hannah Hardy
Maleah Wright
Joe Harre
Trevor Beckenhauer
Zach Uden
Gabbi Loya Rivas

Drum Majors

Trevor Beckenhauer
Hannah Hardy
Elizabeth Stofer