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Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Great job Friday night. I look forward to having EVERYONE at the next game so it will look and sound even better!

  • You can find the itinerary for the trip to Harvest of Harmony next Saturday by clicking HERE
  • If you would like to look ahead you can check out the LINKS itinerary by clicking HERE. IMPORTANT NOTE – if you would like to ride back early for Homecoming Dance there is a form that MUST be filled out on this itinerary link. Please fill that out ASAP.
  • Our travel company has a scholarship available for students who are traveling on the Nashville trip. It is totally run through them. You can find out more information by clicking HERE.
  • We are playing a voluntary volleyball pep band on Tuesday, September 28th. Call time is 5:45. Please plan to be there!!
  • We are in need of a helper to video for NSBA on Oct. 23rd. If you would like help please let us know asap!

Thanks for all your work folks. Lets keep working hard and showing grit, growth, and commitment to the group!