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Kearney Band Parent Association 

The mission of the Kearney Band Parent Association is to support the KHS band program, the directors and Students. We offer a source of parent volunteers and organize fundraising activities, which allow band members to help defray the cost of band trips as well as provide necessary funds for the operation of the Association. 

Freshman New Parent Orientation General Meeting Minutes

June 28, 2023 – 7:30 pm

  1. Penny Parker called the meeting to order and gave introductions of attendees
    1. Welcome & Introductions
  1. Quarter Notes – Penny Parker  Quarter Notes – Kearney Bands
    1. Can come via Mail for printed copy
    2. Website
    3. Email
    4. Important Fall Dates (click on Calendar, can also be downloaded for the Fridge!!)  KHS Band Schedule MASTER – Google Docs
      1. 7/31-8/4 Band Camp
      2. Exhibition 8/4 at 8pm
      3. Group Photo 8/7
      4. 6:30am starts on  8/11 
  2. Website  – Penny Parker  Kearney Bands – Home of the Kearney Bearcat Marching Band
    1. Facebook @Kearney High School Bearcat Band
    2. Trip itinerary
    3. Music for band class
    4. Submit photos
    5. Charms and Signup Genius links are on the footer of the website (orange)
    6. Social Media is also along the bottom
    7. Band Parent Association Link (Meetings are 6:30pm First Tuesday starting in September)
      1. Contacts, meeting minutes
  3. Uniforms – Kimberly Clark
    1. Kimberly Clark – Uniform Specialist
    2. How to help your student maintain and wear their uniform – See website for all details
      1. Go to “students-marching uniforms”
      2. Keep it clean, can only be dry cleaned
      3. White compression type shirt under the uniform – student responsibility
      4. White Gloves – keep clean and washed – (Try Tech Stain Remover for spot stains on the white)
      5. Uniforms Must be worn properly
      6. Order from Charms, Shoes are available first come/first serve
      7. Long Black Socks are student responsibility
      8. Do not eat in uniform!
      9. Take uniforms out of bag after you get home, they will yellow and …mold
      10. Financial Support is available
      11. Uniform Checkout happens at 7/31 Band Camp Week
        1. Sign Up Genius for help handing out uniforms
  1. Other committees
    1. Pit Crew – Ed Uden
      1. Help is needed to move equipment before/after/during shows  (parades/football games 6:30pm FIne Arts UNK/competitions)
      2. Contact form through the website if you can help
      3. Information on when/where is on the website
    2. Bearcat Marching Festival 9/23 – Mikaela Richmond/Shawna Knott/Andrea Ripp
      1. Hosted at Kearney High
      2. Volunteers needed -Signup Genius
    3. NSBA Nebraska State Bandmasters Association 10/21
      1. Hosted at Kearney High
      2. Volunteers needed Friday Night and Saturday- Signup Genius
      3. Thousands visit!!
  2. Volunteering / Fundraising- Penny Parker

  Volunteer Opportunities – Kearney Bands

Fundraising – Kearney Bands

  1. Sign Up Genius, several tabs along the top for options to support the band!
  2. Some earn money for the student accounts
  3. Tab for Fundraising
    1. Concessions
    2. Kcards
    3. Raffles
    4. Alter Metal Recycling
    5. Walmart donation (general band account)
    6. RaiseRight (formally Scrip)
  4. Donate snacks for the 7/31 band camp
    1. Fruit, string cheese, water, powerade freezer pops, etc
    2. Volunteer help to hand it all out
  1. Charms, program to track what is checked out to student
    1. Go to website
    2. Parents/Students/Members kearneyhsband
    3. Trouble logging in, go to LeFeber for help
    4. Finances in the Band Account to be used for band expenses
    5. Charms use request fund to ask for funds, or reimbursed – keep receipt!  23-24 KBPA Student Account Use Request (
    6. Online Store payments through paypal or credit card as a guest, Band Directors can help if needed
    7. Contact information for Adult…
    8. This is how the team keeps track of Checked out Music, Instruments, Uniforms
  2. Conclusion Nathan LeFeber/Rick Mitchell
    1. Excited for the Freshman class
    2. Everyday get a little bit better
    3. Meeting Note error will be corrected.  Links competition October 14th will actually be in Omaha
    4. Band Trip to Germany/Czech Republic trip open until ~Thanksgiving time, ~ 20 openings left
      1. 5/29/24-6/8/24
      2. More information on the web page
    5. Any questions please email, call, LeFeber and Mitchell want to help!
    6. Band goes from something you DO to something you ARE
    7. Communicate with the  teachers to help solve issues

Parent Questions from the meeting:

  • Allstate Band (not part of marching band)  prep Aug/Sept, Auditions are the end of September.  Convention is End of October
  • How many are in marching band?  ~170
  • How do see balance of accounts (Charms)
  • How many polos are needed – Just 1
  • All uniform items will show ‘backordered’ until the school does a ‘mass’ order
  • Merchandise from Sayler Screenprinting (Spirit wear, bumperstickers, shirts, yard sign decal, etc.)  Dates will be on the link but generally open for a couple of weeks, merchandise might not be for sale the next time it comes up, so order it if you like it…
  • Show Shirts and Section Tshirts – optional but fun, handled by the students through Sayler Screenprinting
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