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Welcome to the Kearney High Bearcat Band!

Your student is about to become a member of one of Nebraska’s premiere high school band programs. The Kearney Bearcat Band is composed of a myriad of top-notch ensembles including the Bearcat Marching Band, KHS Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Jazz Lab Band, and Jazz Ensemble. The students of the Bearcat Band program have received numerous high marks at competitions all over the state. The band has also made many memorable trips around the country including trips to New Orleans, Washington D.C., New York City and Chicago, among others. We look forward to working with your student and watching them become a part of this truly great tradition!

This handbook will acquaint you and your band student with our program and cover some important items.

Band Classes and Ensembles

Concert Band – This ensemble is a chance for younger students to continue to develop and refine their skills as an instrumentalist. While the performance standards of this group remain high the literature will be slightly easier than the other groups. There will also be opportunity for students in Concert Band to gain jazz experience throughout the year. Concert Band is open to freshmen. Participation in marching band and pep band is a requirement for this class.

Symphonic Band – This group is open to all KHS instrumentalists and explores a slightly easier repertoire than Wind Ensemble. However, musical excellence and hard work are musts as we strive for great performance every time we play together. Members are also required to participate in the marching band and the pep band. Symphonic Band is open to students in 10th- 12th grade.

Wind Ensemble – This group is the top performing ensemble in the Kearney band program. The music is difficult and musical independence is a must. We perform throughout the school year. The Wind Ensemble is open to students in grades 10-12. Participation in marching band and pep band is a requirement for this class.

Jazz Lab Band – This group is the entry-level group for students wishing to gain experience in a jazz group. The class provides students the opportunity to become familiar with jazz basics in playing demands, styles, and techniques. Although the group will perform at concerts and some community events, the course objective is to teach students a basic fundamental knowledge of how to read, understand, and play jazz music and a rudimentary understanding of the history of jazz. Students must be enrolled in either Concert Band or Symphonic Band or have special permission from the instructor.

Jazz Ensemble – The next level of the jazz experience in the KHS band program. Students will be expected to perform difficult music at a high level and have an opportunity to play throughout the community. Subjects covered will be a variety of musical styles, jazz harmony and theory, improvisation, and jazz history. Jazz Ensemble is open to 10th – 12th graders and is limited to traditional jazz band instrumentation. Members of the jazz band will be required to be enrolled in marching band and one of the concert bands. Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the directors.

Marching Band – The marching band serves as an educational tool to teach students the challenge of marching and playing as while improving basic instrumental technique. It also represents the KHS band program at band competitions, parades, and home football games. This ensemble meets from 6:30-7:45 every morning during the 1st quarter. Each year we will put on a show for all home football games and compete in several statewide competitions. Attendance at band camp in July and early August is mandatory. Marching band is open to students in grades 9-12 and it is required for a student in marching band to also be enrolled in a performing ensemble at Kearney High.

Percussion Techniques – Percussion Technique is a class designed to engage and grow the developing percussionist. Subjects covered will range from marching percussion to 4 mallet technique and everything in between. Perc. Tech. will meet during the 1st term only and will take the place of the students concert band class during that semester. Students will then join their assigned concert band second semester.

Color Guard – This group is a part of the Bearcat Marching Band and rehearses with the band during the morning marching band rehearsals. There is also a required practice(s) outside the school day that will be determined by the group before school starts. Color Guard is open to anyone in the school. Attendance at all marching band performances is required.

Pep Band – A great chance to have fun playing music and encouraging our sports teams at KHS. Rehearsals will be worked into the regular band day and participation is required for all KHS band members. There will be two separate bands, the Blue Band and the Gold Band, and the two groups will equally split the time commitments. If a student needs to miss a given pep band performance then he or she will need to find a substitute from the other band.

AP Music Theory – An upper-level course for students interested in pursuing music at the college level or who have a strong desire to get more into the theory behind music. Topics will include music theory, harmonic and melodic dictation, analysis, and much more. Music Theory is offered as a block course in the second semester. Students will have the opportunity to take the AP Music Theory Exam and have a chance to earn college credit through the process.

Kearney High School Band Parents Association

The mission of the Kearney High Band Parents Association is to provide assistance and support to the KHS Band Program and its directors. Any parents and/or guardians of a KHS band student are considered members of the association. We are a source of volunteers for the band and we organize fundraising activities, which help defray the cost of band trips, provide necessary funds for the operation of the Association, and at times we provide funds directly to the band for various things (instruments, student financial assistance, supplies/equipment, etc.)

Parent volunteers are very valuable and necessary to a marching band the size and caliber of the Kearney Bearcat Band. There are many opportunities to help your child’s band, which require varying levels of time commitment. From bringing a snack for band camp, to fitting kids for uniforms, to being in charge of fundraising events, to planning band banquets, to traveling with the band to competitions, and so much more – the band cannot do the great things we do for our students without your help! Please read and note the many opportunities available for parents to volunteer on pages 20-21.

KHS Band Parents meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month during the school year in the high school band room. For the specific dates, please refer to the Quarter Notes mailing or the schedule on the website. Meetings will also be announced on the facebook page. Any other meeting times or date changes will be announced as they arise.

Kearney Band Parent officers are elected from the membership with nominations in April and elections at the May general membership meeting. Elected offices consist of: President, President-Elect, Past-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Treasurer-Elect. (See the Constitution on for terms and duties.) A copy of the Kearney High Band Parents Associations Constitution and Articles of Association is available at . We invite all new and returning members to read through these documents for a better understanding of how the association operates. Revisions may be added to the handbook periodically to ensure new policies and ideas are addressed.

Get Connected!

On the web
This website is where you can find competition schedules, travel itineraries, and copies of the Parent Handbook, KBPA Constitution and Articles of Association, Quarter Notes, Newsletters, Band Blog. Look for the Parent Dashboard along the left hand side. You will also find contact information for the KBPA board members and info about fundraisers and honor bands.

Facebook: Kearney High School Bearcat Band
Our facebook page is a great resource for keeping up with the day-to-day events of our band. Look for concert reminders, meeting notices, ordering information, links to live performances, honor band reminders, etc.

Charms: kearneyhsband
This is a school band site where we keep information about instruments, uniforms, band accounts, and music checked out to the students and much more. Go to > parents/students/members > school code kearneyhsband > your students id# or enter the password they have set up. Once there, you are on the main dashboard and you can explore from there. This is where you go to check student account balances. Updating your contact info in the student’s profile is necessary to receive emails and text messages. We will try to use charms or infinite campus for regular communication.

Remind App
We will use the Remind app for last minute reminders or for changes to our published itineraries or schedules. You should be automatically added to Remind but if you want to add us you can download the Remind app and then use this code: @eb9g8gbk9g.

Marching Competitions

The Bearcat Marching Band participates on average, in at least four marching competitions each year. A schedule of mandatory performances will be given out each year and listed on the websiteSome competitions change every year, but ones we have gone to in the past are:

UNK Band Day/Bearcat Marching Festival – Parade and field show performances

  • A.M. Parade in downtown Kearney; will begin at a time to be announced. Meeting point on or near Railroad Street.
  • Afternoon Marching Festival held at KHS begins at 1:00 p.m. Kearney’s time will be announced on facebook and on the site under itineraries.
  • There is a spectator entry fee, but KHS parent and community volunteers get in for free.

LINKS Marching Band Contest – Parade and field show competition

  • Usually the second Saturday in October. Students will travel by bus.
  • Competition will be at Lincoln high School. Travel schedule and Kearney’s performance timewill be announced on the site under itineraries or on facebook. *Spectator entry fee.

Columbus Marching Band Festival – Parade and field show competition

  • A.M. Parade in downtown Columbus; usually the second Saturday in October. Students will travel by bus.
  • Afternoon competition will be at Pawnee Park, which is the large park on your left as you come into Columbus on Highway 30. Travel schedule and Kearney’s performance time will be announced on the site under itineraries or on facebook. *Spectator entry fee.

Omaha Marching Invitational (OMI) – Field show competition

  • Usually the third Saturday in October. Travel schedule and Kearney’s performance time will be announced on the site under itineraries or on facebook.
  • Competition is at Omaha Burke. *Spectator entry fee.

Lincoln Public Schools Competition (LPS) – Field show competition

  • Usually the third Saturday in October. Travel schedule and Kearney’s performance time will be announced on the site under itineraries or on facebook.
  • Competition is at Lincoln’s Seacrest Field, which is on A Street between 70th and 75th. *Spectator entry fee.

Nebraska State Bandmaster’s Association (NSBA) – State field show competition

  • The biggest and final competition of the year. This is our state competition and therefore regulated by the NSAA. This competition runs all day, usually on the fourth Saturday in October. There are three sites for this competition; Lincoln, Omaha, and Kearney.
  • KHS is one site of this huge event which has been known to attract 25+ bands and over 2,000 spectators at the Kearney location alone.
  • There is a NSAA designated spectator entry fee for this event, but volunteers get in free. This is one of our biggest fundraising opportunities of the year, and we need many volunteers to make this a reality.

The Veteran’s Day Parade 

  • Occurring in Downtown Kearney and usually held the Saturday morning before Veterans Day.
  • More information will come out as we get closer to this important event we do.


The bands (Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Lab Band, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band) typically perform 3-4 concerts per year held in the high school Concert Hall & Theater. If school is cancelled (snow days) all band activities, such as concerts, are also cancelled. Band members are asked to wear dress clothes (usually dress slacks, a button up shirt and shoes for the guys, and a nice dress or appropriate equivalent for the ladies) for the concerts with shirts tucked in; school dress code is followed. A voluntary donation is collected at the door to help support the band in purchasing necessary items needed throughout the year.

Band concerts provide the students the opportunity to showcase individual musical abilities and perform a wider variety of music than what marching band can provide. All of these elements are an important piece of a well-rounded music education – the culmination of all the students’ learning.

A schedule of this year’s concerts can be accessed in the following ways:

Schedules are subject to change, so please attend the monthly Band Parent Association meetings. Other methods to keep updated on changes will be to update your contact information on Charms to get automatic emails with updated information.

Please also refer to the individual class syllabus that students will receive in their class on the first day.

All-State Band, Honor Bands, District Music Contest

All-State Band auditions are usually held in October for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. NMEA (Nebraska Music Educators Association) sponsors All-State, which is held in November. More information can be found at Throughout the school year, students are given the opportunity to audition for Honor bands that meet at various colleges and universities throughout the state and region. This is an excellent opportunity for your band member to meet other student musicians, tour campuses to see their music departments and stretch his/her “musical muscles.” Please encourage your band member to try out for as many of the honor bands as possible. A complete listing of the Honor bands is available from the band directors or can be found on: Be sure to check with the directors regarding deadlines for each contest and whether or not an audition or recording is required. The Directors generally take the students to UNL, UNO, UNK, Hastings, and Nebraska Wesleyan and most of the bands require some kind of fee to participate.

District Music Contest is held each April. The bands will be competing in this contest and individual band members will also have the opportunity to perform as soloists and small groups. A pre-contest recital is held a few days prior to the District Music Contest. This gives parents who cannot attend the contest an opportunity to see the students perform. If the District Music Contest is held in Kearney, parent volunteers are needed to serve as greeters and room monitors.

Show Your Spirit

Being a member of one of Nebraska’s premiere high school band programs is a busy and exciting time in your child’s life and yours. Parental support is extremely important. Your son and/or daughter puts in many long hours of hard work to be a member of the band. Please show your support by your attendance at exhibitions, football games, marching competitions, and concerts. This means a great deal to your child (more than they may tell you).

Apparel items are available to help show your pride and support of the band students and KHS. Items such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, yard signs, and hats can be found online in Charms. We utilize a parent volunteer to organize, submit, and distribute all apparel items. This includes t-shirts, window decals, pride buttons, and yard signs. Ordering information is usually available by week 2 of band camp.

Marching Uniforms

The marching band uniforms will be issued during Band Camp. Students will be measured for uniform pants, jackets, gauntlets, hats, shoes and gloves. The school can provide shoes; however we recommend that parents consider purchasing shoes, as they will form to students feet and be more comfortable. The students will march in the specific band shoes chosen by our directors. All uniforms must fit properly before leaving band camp. If there is a problem with alterations, please contact the uniform chairperson ASAP.

When wearing your uniform…

  • NO makeup (with the exception of Color Guard).
  • NO jewelry
  • NO fingernail polish
  • NO hairspray used once uniform is on
  • Hair must be pulled up under the hat. Each student is responsible for putting his/her hair up.
    • For long hair a ponytail or bun work well on TOP of the head, for medium length hair a ‘sleeve’ will be given to students to help hold hair up inside the hat.
    • Uniform Committee members will be available before competitions to help fix a few stray hairs that may have fallen, but there is no time to do a complete up-do. This must be done prior to arriving at the warm up location.
  • Tall black socks must be worn

The value of each uniform is over $500. You should treat it as you would your best clothing, so as not to incur any additional costs for its care or replacement. Wear it with pride. Keep in mind that these band uniforms are a privilege to wear and need to be kept in the very best condition. No food or drinks allowed except water when in uniform. Nothing looks worse than a sharp, clean uniform with dirt or holes on any part of it. Try not to rub up against anything (steering wheel, instrument case) with the edge of your jacket. The uniform will need to be steamed if it gets too wrinkled.

When traveling to competitions, the uniforms should travel in their bags and students will dress in the parking lot or on the bus, depending on the weatherKeep in mind that each child WILL be dressing in front of others and should wear tight or slim fitting shirts and shorts/pants under their uniform. NO jeans or jean shorts are to be worn under the uniform. Tighter, slim fitting clothing is a must – no baggy athletic shorts or boxers. Shirts need to be tight to the body and white or light gray in color or will show under white jacket tops. Gloves and socks can be washed at home. Please check shoes and gloves for stains or holes.

Each uniform piece is tagged with an electronic tag to make fitting and inventory easier for the directors and uniform chairperson. Under no circumstances are these tags to be removed.

The clothes hangers provided are designed to withstand the weight and packing of the uniforms, please keep the uniform on the hanger provided. If the hanger breaks or is lost, please contact a Director or Uniform Committee member, as we have some extra hangers that we will provide as a replacement. Always hang the uniform when it is not being worn. If the uniform is wet, leave it out of the bag to air dry before storing it in the bag.

When wearing the uniform in public, band members are required to wear the full uniform, not random pieces of it. This policy includes the wrist gauntlets. It will be much easier to keep track of them if they are being worn. The hat is the ONLY part of the uniform which may be carried under the student’s arm. Parents, please remind your students they are representing Kearney High while in the uniform. Whether in uniform or street clothes, their conduct should always show respect for themselves and others; inappropriate or offensive language or behavior is unacceptable at any time.

Uniforms will be cleaned at the end of the season at a cleaner chosen by KBPA. There is a $10 cleaning fee due by the end of Week 2 of band camp. Uniforms must be returned in the bag with all pieces at the end of band season, no later than Thanksgiving break. They will then be taken for cleaning. Any uniform not returned before Christmas break will incur an additional $10 late fee.

Band T-shirts: Band/Section/Leadership t-shirts are not mandatory but make a nice memento of the students’ band years. Order forms are distributed by the Section Leaders and/or Drum Majors and collected with payment during band camp. T-shirts are usually handed out during the first weeks of school. Please make checks payable to KHS Band Parents. Cost is usually around $12.

The band uniform consists of:

  • Pants (similar to ski jumpers)
  • Jacket
  • Gauntlets
  • Shoes
  • Black mid-calf or taller socks
  • Hat
  • Duffle bag (for hat, shoes, and gauntlets)
  • Hanging garment Bag
  • White gloves
  • Drawstring bag (for hat and music at games)

Please be aware that there are a number of snaps and zippers on your uniform. It may be hard to put the jacket on without some help. The pants are form fitting. The uniform needs to stay sharp; do not toss it on the floor of your room or in the trunk of your car. Air it out if it’s wet, then put it back in the garment bag.

Each student may find that the pants need some adjusting with the buckles on the straps. The “height” of the pants is correct as shown below. The uniform jackets and pants are fairly light thus the appropriate shirt for the weather (and to fit under the pants) will be necessary.

Gauntlets will be worn over the arm sleeve, with white gloves worn under the sleeve. The gauntlet velcro is positioned to the outside of your arm. The gauntlets are sized with the uniform, and may vary by instrument section.

Pants should touch the top of your shoes. Only long black socks should be worn at all times.

Be sure your uniform fits prior to the first time you wear it. If you have questions, please ask the uniform committee or directors.


Please review these and other instrument and uniform needs with your band member and have the appropriate items ready for the start of the new school year.

All students are required to have a lyre and a flip folder with plastic pages. This can be purchased at a local music store.

Percussion should have extra drumsticks or mallets available.

Clarinets should cut the fingertips out of their gloves to make playing their instruments easier. Check with your Section Leader or Band Directors first to learn the proper procedure before cutting. Clarinets should be sure to bring cork grease and reeds to performances.

Baritone, tenor, and alto sax players should be sure to have a neck strap, reeds, cork grease, and mouthpiece for each performance, and a clean performance strap.

Trumpet, French horn, Trombone and Tuba players should have valve oil, mouthpieces and slide grease.

Band Camp

Band Camp is held for two weeks before school begins; one week in July and one in August. Please check the Quarter Notes for the Band Camp schedule. Freshmen, Drum line, Section and Rank leaders, and Color Guard may have additional meetings/practices earlier in the summer. Freshman/New students and Parent orientation is held during one of the evenings in the first week of Band Camp. Orientation start time will be listed in the Quarter Notes.

Attendance at Band Camp is mandatory. A major portion of the marching show is learned during band camp. The band begins practicing the music for their marching performances as well as the formations on the field. It is extremely important that all band members be in attendance this week so they can begin the process of memorizing the show as well as giving the directors a visual perspective of how the show will look.

Parents, please send your student to band camp with plenty of sunscreen and a water bottle. Sturdy running or walking shoes (tennis shoes) with socks are required. Shoes should be completely enclosed; do not wear new shoes, sandals, flip-flops or mules (blisters are not fun). Since a great amount of time will be spent in the sun, hats and longer sleeves are a good idea for those who burn easily. Encourage your child to eat before they come! Students are responsible to bring his/her own lunch because band camp runs a “closed campus” unless otherwise noted. The last day of band camp may be a longer lunch with open campus. However, it is best to check the band camp schedule to confirm lunch times and schedules.

During band camp and marching season sectionals may also be called after school, evenings, and possibly early mornings. The student leaders will only call these special practices when they feel they are necessary, so it is important for band members to attend. Ask your student to keep you informed so you will be prepared to provide transportation. Students are usually given at least a day’s notice prior to these additional rehearsals.

During morning and afternoon breaks, drinks and snacks are provided by the Band Parent Association. Parents are asked to provide (minimum) four-dozen cookies or a similar amount of fruit for band camp week. Grapes, apples, oranges, clementines and watermelon (cut in wedges and leave on the rind) are popular. Also do not cut the oranges or apples because these do not keep well if needed for following days. Go-gurts and containers of powdered lemonade are also great items to provide for camp. These can be donated in place of or along with cookies/fruit. Students and parents will be notified if additional snacks are needed throughout the week.

Volunteers are needed to help serve these snacks during Band Camp. Any parent willing to assist with serving should contact the Band Camp chair in your Quarter Notes newsletter. This is an excellent opportunity to meet our band students and other parents andisalotoffun.

During band camp, you, your family, and your student have the opportunity to order band apparel and gear. It is GREAT when there is a fan base of support at competitions and football games all decked out in Kearney High Band apparel! We do our best to have the Apparel/Window Decals/Pride Buttons/etc. available for pick up during the first home football game, as well as the first Band Parent Meeting in September. Please be sure to check the website and band blogs for communication on the progress of the orders.

Band Camp ends with an exhibition for family and friends on Friday night of Week 2 at KHS. This is a great opportunity to see what the students have been working on and to hear a portion of the field show. Also, the DRILL DOWN is always exciting to watch!

Football Games

Kearney High Football games are held at UNK’s Foster Field at 7:00 p.m. Your attendance at home football games is very important to all members of the band, color guard, and directors. By learning the key portions of the marching show, you will be able to better cheer on the band during competitions, which is also a critical part of the judging.

The Bearcat Band performs at all home football games. Most games are on Friday evenings. The band meets in the UNK Fine Arts Building about one hour prior to the games for warm-up and returns there after the game. If you attend a game and drop your student off at the Fine Arts Building, you can park in the parking lot to the east of UNK’s Sports Center. Parking is also available at Foster Field, in the street to the south of the stadium and on designated grass areas along University Drive. No parking pass is required to park on campus in the evening. Cost to attend a game is approximately $5.00-$10.00 for adults (please plan accordingly). Everyone attending games is required to pay admission (even if you just want to see the band). Adult and student activity tickets are available at KHS or may be purchased at the games. Band students do not pay admission.

Students enter the field as a unit and sit together in the bleachers. They are not allowed to leave the stands during the game and full uniform is required for all games. Please remind your student that only water is allowed while in uniform. They must eat before they come to the game. Plan your uniform underclothing appropriately for the weather. There can be either extreme heat or cold during football season.

One of the pieces the band plays during football games is the Kearney High School song. Please stand and clap along each time the band plays the school song to show your support of the student athletes and musicians! Fun fact: the words are:

Kearney High to you we’ll always be true 
You’re the best school in the land
Your colors waving high bright golden and blue 
For your ideals we’ll always stand
As we onward go to fame and renown
Our loyalty will never die
To you we singOur homage bring
For dear old Kearney High

Parents are needed to keep the band’s area in the bleachers open prior to the game and also to watch band members’ belongings during the half- time show. Help is needed to distribute hat plumes for half-time performances and collect them after the performance. These are distributed/collected at the southwest end of the field. Parent volunteers are also needed to help with stadium clean up at the end of the game – This is a chance to earn money for your student’s account.

Color Guard

The KHS Color Guard is a part of the marching band. The responsibility of Color Guard members is to enhance the visual aspect of the marching band show through the use of flags and other equipment. The Color Guard traditionally consists of 20-30 members who are chosen by audition in the spring.

The outfits the Color Guard wear are considered costumes rather than uniforms. They are chosen to match the mood or theme of the overall show and will not match the band uniforms. The purpose of this is to add even more color to the show.

The members of the Color Guard have separate practices after school (time/date will be announced). Their rehearsal responsibilities include Color Guard camp, which is held separate from band camp; band camp (both weeks), and early morning rehearsal. There may also be additional sectional practices called which the members are expected to attend. The Color Guard will perform with the marching band at all home football games, all field competitions, and parades.

Pep Band

In support of boys and girls basketball, pep bands are formed after marching season to provide music during these competitions. Uniform for Pep Band is the blue band polo and comfortable pants or the rowdy theme.

Band members must attend those games to which they are assigned or they may participate in all pep bands. The mandatory attendance at games for grades and letter requirements may change from year to year. The Directors will announce requirements each year at the beginning of pep band season. Non-conformance of these requirements will result in a lowered grade.

Pep Band meets in the band room and enters the gym together. Pep Band members are admitted to the game free of charge. Cost for parents to attend these sporting events varies. Activity tickets are also available for purchase at the school office. Most of the games are in the south (main) gym. Please enter through the main doors.

Band Banquet

The annual Band Banquet for all band members and their families is held each May (usually on the first Saturday evening in May) in the Cafeteria/Commons Yanney Park. Check the school calendar for the date. This is a potluck meal and each family attending is asked to bring two dishes to share. Specific information concerning food will be given through email. The Band Parents Association will provide the drinks. At the Band Banquet, letters and other honors and achievements will be awarded, students and volunteers will be recognized, and the seniors pass the baton to the underclassmen. Parent Volunteer Opportunity: A group of junior parents is needed to make drinks and set up and clean up for the Banquet. Please contact the organization’s President-elect for details if you are interested in “chairing” this important event.

Fundraising Opportunities

KHS Band Parents provides individual fundraising opportunities for students to help defray the cost of spring band trips. Typically, the band takes a major trip every two years. Cost of these trips will vary with destination and other activities associated with them. Past trips have cost approximately $800-$2,600 per person, with 4 people to a hotel room.

A large portion of the money each student raises (depending upon the activity) will be credited into his/her band account to go toward future trips. The Band Parents Association retains a small portion of most fundraising profits for necessary operating expenses. Because of our tax exempt status all funds raised MUST be used for band related activities.

Group fundraising also provides necessary operating funds for the association and to help support the band with school instruments, travel equipment, repair, and other needs. We organize fundraising activities, which allow band members to help defray the cost of band trips, provide necessary funds for the operation of the Association, and at times provide funds directly to the band for various things (instruments, student financial assistance, supplies/equipment, etc.). Hosting fall marching band competitions at KHS is a valuable source of income for our band.

Participation in fundraisers and spring band trips is voluntary.

A list of our regular fundraisers from past years is shown below. Other past fundraisers have included sale of pizza and frozen foods, car washes, etc. New ideas are always welcome. Only two door-to-door fundraisers are held each year (unless specified by the Directors). The best place to learn about and share ideas for fundraising is at the Band Parents meetings.

Fall Fundraising options

K Cards – Selling cards offering discounts at local businesses. Cost of each card is $5.00 with $5.00 per card credited into a band members’ account. The Directors distribute the cards and collect money for this fundraiser. K Cards are usually sold during October.

Stadium Clean Up – Parents clean the UNK Stadium after KHS football games. Parents meet after each game; sign in/out to record time worked for each game. The KHS athletic department pays the Band Parents Association for the clean-up. The amount paid is combined with basketball concessions and credited to their student’s account after basketball concessions are completed.

Winter Fundraising

KHS Basketball Concessions – Approximately eight adults/students are needed per game. Responsibilities include selling refreshments and cleaning up afterwards. Stadium clean up money and hours worked after home football games are added to these concessions. Net profits, less the portion retained by the Band Parents Association, are divided by the total number of hours worked and this money is credited to the students’ accounts.

Year-round Fundraising

Scrip – This is a fundraising program that works while you shop. Scrip is a word that means, “substitute money.” In other words, Scrip is gift cards and gift certificates from national and local retailers. KHS Band Parents buys the Scrip cards at a discount from Great Lakes Scrip, sells them to the members at face value and the difference is profit to the organization. Scrip can be used for just about any household purchase including food, clothing, entertainment, gasoline, and even dining out. Scrip amount is split 50/50 between students and KBPA. – If you shop on Amazon, simply navigate to instead (or go to the settings in your app) and choose Kearney High Band as your charity. Amazon will donate a portion of the sales to the band without changing your total. This money only goes to the KBPA.

Volunteer Opportunities

This section shows volunteer opportunities that are always needed. Some of these opportunities may require a chair or co-chair to help organize and assist the program. These are opportunities to assist the students, directors, and the band parent organization, which helps us work towards our mission.

In our organization, there is a strong mentoring relationship between past chairs and current chairs of events. When help or support is needed in the organization of an event, the band parent organization is always available and willing to support current chairs in their planning and carrying out of an event.

Band Parent Officers: Two positions become available every year: the President Elect, and Treasurer Elect. The secretary position becomes available every other year. This allows for continuity on the Executive Board as every year there are two new Board members with the three experienced members. Please consider running for office. A good organization needs good leaders. Terms and duties of the officers can be found in the KHS Band Parents Association “Articles of Association.”

Bus/Band Trip Sponsors: Parents who choose to travel with the band on band competitions and trips will be expected to serve as sponsors/chaperones. Up to two parent sponsors are required for each of the buses for all competitions. Parents ride on the buses and are responsible for taking attendance, assisting band members with uniforms, instruments, water, and other needs as indicated by the band directors.

Band Camp Chair and Drink/Snack Servers: Band Parents serve drinks and snacks in the morning and afternoon to our hot, tired band students during band camp. Volunteers to help with the set/up, serving, and clean/up are always needed. If you can arrange to help for a few hours during this week, please contact the Band Camp Chair, contact information can be found in Quarter Notes.

Uniform Chair: Inventory uniforms, be present at Leadership and Band Camps to organize, measure, and fit students for uniforms and distribute them during band camp. Be present at home football games and band competitions to assist with uniform preparations.

Uniform Crew: Be present at home football games, parades and band competitions to assist with uniform preparations. Assist with dressing and checking uniforms, makeup, hair etc. to ensure the band has met the uniform dress code, which is important to the scoring during the performance.

Pit Crew: Band parents are needed to assist in loading and unloading equipment and uniforms on the trucks. They also help move the percussion (pit) equipment and Color Guard equipment on and off the field at competitions. Parents may be needed to drive equipment truck(s) to the competitions.

Stadium Clean-up/Basketball Concessions: The KHS Band Parents assist the athletic programs (football & basketball) while earning money toward the students accounts at the same time. The Band Parents clean the stadium after football games and also work the Basketball concession stand. The hours worked and money earned per shift are then calculated and deposited into the student’s account.

Big Band Dance: This dance is held in the second semester. There is great music provided by the jazz ensemble, plenty of dancing, instruction if you need it, and desserts donated by families. Students and volunteers will sell admission tickets in advance and at the door. This dance draws quite a crowd, particularly the dancing clubs from Kearney and surrounding communities. Consider joining the students for a fun-filled night! Volunteers are needed to organize dessert donations, sell concessions, and coordinate the event.

Web-Team: This team is responsible for updating the KHS Band Parents Association webpages, website maintenance, and overall assistance to the Board with necessary communication in a timely manner.

Bearcat Marching Festival: Usually 3rd week in September. Parents assist with various activities to ensure the day is a success for all bands in attendance. Responsibilities include things such as greeting bands as they arrive, helping with traffic flow for buses and cars, helping with concessions, taking tickets, being runners for judges, walking bands to designated areas, and cleaning up. It is a great way to get involved in an exciting and fun day.

Emails will be sent to parents early in the fall requesting volunteers and it is also discussed at the first band parent meeting of the year.

Nebraska State Bandmaster’s Association (NSBA) State Marching competition – Usually 4th weekend in October. This is the biggest marching band event of the year, held at KHS. Similar responsibilities as BMF above, but on a larger scale. Over 5,000 band members and spectators will come through our doors that day. Volunteers get in free!

If you have any interest in helping out with any of these activities, please contact any of the KBPA elected officers or a director. We welcome all volunteers. It doesn’t matter if you only have 5 minutes to give or 5 hours. EVERYONE is needed to make our events successful. We can’t do all of these great things for our students without continued support from our parents! Many of our volunteer positions and tasks can be found on our SignUpGenius link on the Parent Dashboard.

On behalf of Kearney Band Parents, we wish to extend a warm welcome to you and hope that you find your time with the Kearney High Band is rewarding for both you and your student!